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The Wonderfruit family has curated 30 hours of music for every mood

More than 40 DJs helped curate 10 playlists on Spotify

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 19 May 2020
The Wonderfruit family has curated 30 hours of music for every mood

Have you started to lose track of the days, months…or even years? Thank God there’s music to soundtrack losing our minds.

To help, Wonderfruit has called upon their friends and family from across the musical spectrum to curare 30 hours of music for every mood and feeling you might experience on yet another day of isolation.

The initiative is lead by Wonderfruit’s head of music Gee (that’s English for Guillaume if you’re looking to put two and two together), who reached out to his network of friends and artists around Asia, sent them moods and themes, and asked them to provide the perfect soundtrack to every isolation moment.

Who delivered? Akimbo, Alex Joy, August Wahh, Boogie G, Chamapoo, Chris Menist, DJ El Toro, DJ Funky Pump, DONN, DOTT, Final Frontier, Funk Bast*rd, Gilbert, Jam on Toast, Juice Willis, Justin Mills, Katsu, Kevin Lecompere, Maarten Goetheer, Maft Sai, Masaya Fantasista, Mikail, Mikey Varot, MiMi, Mumsfilibaba, Naj Frusciante, Nannue Tipitier, Nayla, Nico Elliot, Ouissam, Que Sakamoto, RAH, Rocco Universal, Romain FX, Saari, Sarayu, Senja, Swamy, Tassmah, Tiny Giant, Transport, Uzair Sawal, Von Bueno, and Yeti Out all came through with the tunes.

Themes include procrastination killers, existential dread, cooking, exercise, falling down the rabbit hole, reconnecting with romance, reading and even music to listen to while secretly drinking on a Zoom conference call.

Follow Wonderfruit on Spotify here or listen below for enough fresh music to get you through another couple weeks of madness.

Procrastination Killer (Wonderfruit's Isolation Moods #1)

Everything will be Alright (Wonderfruit's Isolation Moods #2)

Cooking (Wonderfruit's Isolation Moods #3)

Workout (Wonderfruit's Isolation Moods #4)

Reading (Wonderfruit's Isolation Moods #5)

Drinking on a Conference Call (Wonderfruit's Isolation Moods #6)

Down in the Magic Rabbit Hole (Wonderfruit's Isolation Moods #7)

Making Love...Softly (Wonderfruit's Isolation Moods #8)

Making Love...Not Softly (Wonderfruit's Isolation Moods #9)

Solo Session with a Green Tinge (Wonderfruit's Isolation Moods #10)

Wonderfruit 2020 takes place on December 10 - 14 at The Fields at Siam Country Club. Early Bird tickets are on sale at 45% off door prices, and refunds will be issued in the case of cancellation.

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