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Wonderfruit is releasing music from its coveted archive every other day

The festival has 50+ sets to get you through the Great Isolation Era

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 7 April 2020
Wonderfruit is releasing music from its coveted archive every other day

What are you listening to on lockdown? We got a little obsessed with Acid Pauli’s sunrise set from Wonderfruit last year and have been listening to the 3.5 hour psychedelic showdown on repeat since it came out last week.

When we emerged from our acid-laden electronica rabbit hole, we were pleased to discover that Wonderfruit had breathed life to its Soundcloud account, and found more sets from The Fields including Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy (discooooo), Nick Luscombe, Que Sakamato, Voilaaa Sound System and more. It turns out Wonderfruit are sitting on a golden archive of music from over the years; it’s just always been difficult to get approvals to put them out. But now they’re in a position to release some and will be drip-feeding music every three days as a way to give back to their community of Wonderers as well as soundtrack our time at home during the Great Isolation Era.

With 50+ sets to share, this should sort you until Wonderfruit 2020, which takes place on December 10 - 14 (fingers fucking crossed). The first two months of releases are mapped out below.

In addition to music, Wonderfruit will also be releasing talks, live streams, workshops and more from their 2019 edition. Follow Wonderfruit’s Facebook page here for updates from across all their pillars, and for music only head to their Soundcloud account.

Wonderfruit 2020 takes place on December 10 - 14 at The Fields at Siam Country Club. Early Bird tickets are on sale at 45% off door prices, and refunds will be issued in the case of cancellation.