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Mixmag Asia's Labels to Look Out For in 2024

Standout labels from the region that are steering Asia's unapologetic journey in the global electronic music arena

  • Words: Mixmag Asia Crew | Art Direction: Adrianna Cheung
  • 27 December 2023

In the heart of Asia's electronic music scene, a wave of record labels is shaping the sonic landscape and contributing to the region's thriving reputation as a purveyor of quality sounds and talents.

These labels, poised to make waves in 2024, hail from diverse corners of the continent, bringing their unique flavour to the global stage. From Tokyo to Mumbai, Seoul to Beijing, these labels showcase the rich tapestry of sounds emanating from Asia, proving that the region is a hotbed of creativity and innovation.

They’ve given well-earned stamps of approval on some of the year’s most exciting, cutting-edge and boundary-pushing releases, and it’s thanks to them Asia continues to make an evident mark and redefine the global electronic music landscape.

Whether it's established giants celebrating over a decade of bass mastery, rebellious newcomers born out of pandemic-induced complaints, or avant-garde trailblazers steering cultural shifts, each entry in this list represents a unique chapter in Asia's musical narrative with their ever-evolving creativity and upstanding ethos.

With diverse sounds, bold collaborations, and a commitment to pushing sonic boundaries, these labels are undoubtedly ones to watch in the upcoming year(s).


Coming into its thirteenth year of consistent quality releases, bass-centric TREKKIE TRAX remains a label to watch. Enjoying global support across Rinse FM, Keep Hush, and BBC Radio 1 sets from artists like Mr. Oizo, Jossy Mitsu, and Confidence Man, the Tokyo-based label will continue to showcase homegrown talent in the coming year. Expect albums from Japanese bass experimentalists Fellsius and Fetus alongside new material from Hot Haus Recs alum Guchon and the TREKKIE TRAX CREW.

AMNAP Records

“Always make noise and party”; this was the complaint sent to the landlord of a certain future label head by a disgruntled neighbour during the pandemic. One screenshot and a tongue-in-cheek limited edition tee later, AMNAP RECORDS was born. After launching in August with the stellar ‘Dialogues of Dance Vol. 1’ VA, 2024 will amp up the release schedule for the nascent Mumbai-based label. AMNAP has a Nick Hook release slated for January, which will be followed by projects from POLO LILLI, Taso, Oceantied and Yung.Raj, as well as Bamboy.


Krunk Kulture, the label at the heart of the Krunk empire, will have more eyes and ears on it than ever following this month’s ‘Krunk Presents’ Boiler Room series, which highlighted label head Rafiki alongside other Indian stars, such as Kiss Nuka. Forthcoming releases planned for the genre-defying label include EPs from OX7GEN, Mutable Mercury, Zealotantrik, Peach Blok, and Baalti. 2024 will also see the return of the label’s inaugural ‘Flavours of the East’ compilation series for a long-awaited fifth edition. We look forward to seeing which street food will be beautifully interpreted for the next ‘Flavours’ artwork.


Since launching in February 2022, ARKUDA LABEL has been a second home for the next generation of underground Japanese producers spanning the UK garage, breaks, and techno scenes, including founder Lewo Chyba, as well as tsumasaki, and bass prodigies Hizuo and DubGuy, to name a few. In collaboration with Jun Inagawa, ARKUDA will kick off the new year with a February 2 event in Shibuya, Tokyo, featuring live analogue synth performances by Lewo Chyba, Frog 3, and a special guest. Chyba will also be sharing his second album in early 2024 on the imprint which will be promoted by a Japan tour.


Amid the current UKG boom, SPRAYBOX has quickly become a top contender in Asian UKG thanks to its impressive releases that drop consistently. Founded in 2021, what sets SPRAYBOX apart is the distinct personality and identity imbued in every release, complemented by the consistently stellar visuals crafted by their in-house artist. Not confined to Japan, the label has ventured into international collaborations, notably teaming up with the UK-based 'Steppers Club’ and Korea’s ‘Planet Turbo’ bridging Japan’s scene with the rest of the world. As we look into 2024, SPRAYBOX promises a stacked schedule, including a debut event in Tokyo at the year's end and an extensive compilation album featuring artists from around the world.

Qilla Records

Established in 2011, Qilla Records is a boundary-pushing music label and booking agency with a diverse community that extends beyond musicians. The catalogue features releases from both seasoned and emerging artists like founder Kohra, SHFT, FILM, Midnight Traffic, Jay Pei, and Vridian. Known for hosting festivals like 'Alchemy' and 'Sacred Alchemy' club nights, Qilla Records is approaching its 100th release in 2024, featuring a global roster of over 30 artists who have played a vital role in crafting the label's unique sound and community.


Shanghai's burgeoning underground music scene, led by SVBKVLT, is a global hub for artistic innovation. Producers in this dynamic community boldly push the boundaries of club music, blending global influences with traditional Chinese elements to create a distinctive, hyper-rhythmic, and bass-heavy sound. SVBKVLT, initially known for cassette releases, has expanded its reach and roster, featuring talents from all across Asia like 33EMYBW, Zaliva-D, Slikback, Fig and Gqom, Prodigy Citizen Bo and Gabber Modus Operandi. They've initiated an exchange program with East Africa, collaborating with Hakuna Kulala and Nyege Nyege. Shanghai hotspot Shelter, SVBKVLT's home, epitomizes their impact, hosting high-level events and making them a noteworthy force in the scene.

Morsecode Records

Only starting out earlier this year, MorseCode Records has been taking the minimal scene by storm and only seems to be ramping up for 2024. Based out of Seoul and run by Slowmouth, MorseCode has collaborated with seemingly everyone in Asia’s evergrowing minimal scene, such as the always exciting Evaporate. The new year promises to bring even more VAs, original releases, visual art releases and collaborations abroad, such as their club night in LA with Borderless Project kicking off in February. Their YouTube series ‘Project Code’ is wildly creative, with audio-interactive visuals always, and plans for more inventive live sets over the coming months. They’re still finding their feet, but what MorseCode has done and aims to do makes them one to keep an eye on over the next year.


In 2023, Taiwan emerged as an avant-garde trailblazer, with events like eel festival and iconic venue FINAL taking centre stage. OverMyBody (OMB) has played a pivotal role in steering this cultural shift since 2020, showcasing talents like personalbrand, Capiuz/T.U, Lujiachi, WRACK, Sabiwa, and more, and the anticipation for 2024 is marked by even greater ambition, especially after the label's tour. OMB's distinctive trait lies in their collaborations, from merchandise to events and releases, including the highly anticipated TYO GQOM collab, among many more. An upcoming collaboration between Lujiachi and Bungalovv has us on our toes, set to feature talented remixers and release alongside Parisian outfit Club Late Music; a treat for vinyl enthusiasts. An always noteworthy feature of OMB is its visually stunning creations, skillfully crafted by Xtrux, who is poised to launch its first VA project in collaboration with OMB, ensuring an immersive visual experience that mirrors the label's distinctive style.

Walls & Pals

Walls & Pals made their stamp on the Korean scene with their events with names such as Mogwaa and Jesse You (who also happen to be label owners) making recurring appearances, but have also brought names like Mr Ho to Korea’s capital. It’s not just about the events though; their releases are just as high quality and their most recent project is a testament to this. In an exceptional collaboration with beloved Thai label More Rice, the two have synergised on 'Red Cap', with tracks from all label owners (Sarayu, DOTT, Mogwaa and Jesse You). Having dropped their second edition of ‘Pals FM: Floor Materials’ that teems with cutting-edge sounds, we're eagerly on edge for the third.

Boiled Wonderland Records

In three years, Boiled Wonderland Records has released mind-bending EPs like 'BOILD01,' featuring a blend of Cambodian musicians and ambient soundscapes. The label's roster, including talents like Chalo and Sarayu, reflects Bangkok's electronic scene while connecting Southeast Asian artists with global remixers. In September, they dropped founder Vell's 'Floating Mists, Warm Vistas', gaining support from artists like Jennifer Cardini, Kassian, and Otik. As part of Bangkok Community Radio (BCR), Boiled Wonderland, along with founders from More Rice Records, Transport, and Acid Sister, is creating platforms for emerging artists in BCR's new studio. Upcoming is a combined release from Chalo and Vell ('BOILD06'), set for early Spring 2024.

bié Records

bié Records of Beijing had the honour of releasing Yu Su's debut album two years ago and this year alone unleashed a prolific wave of sonic creativity, boasting two EPs and compilations, one mixtape, and six full-length albums, including the prolific ‘bié Records meets Shika Shika’. Looking ahead to 2024, the label is set to kick off the year with Numa Gama's acid slow-burning 9-track LP, delving into the complex interplay between our emotions and the ever-contradicting external environment. Following the Chinese New Year, anticipation builds for a heavyweight LP by Lim Giong, a "pop star turned master film scorer," marking his return with a zen and nature-inspired IDM/ambient work, his first original full-length album in an impressive 19 years.

SOTI Music

Perhaps our most enigmatic entry. Though its projects may not have been discussed as much, we commend SOTI Music for having a strong ethos in positioning music as more than mere auditory stimuli; it's a visceral journey, where soft beats coalesce with ambient melodies, proving that the intensity of the experience doesn't hinge on cadence alone. Its two releases of 2023 speak volumes in how the label positions itself as a purveyor of the infinite dimensions of sound. CTAFAD's 'Sparse' fuses the raw energy of minimal techno with an experimental sonic terrain inspired by natural science, while Louzhang's 'The Form of Spine' meticulously redefines the ambient landscape with audacious sonic exploration and avant-garde craftsmanship. We can only hope they have more in store for 2024.

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