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Walls And Pals power in with the second instalment of their vital 'Pals FM: Floor Materials' series

'Volume 2' features essential subterranean flavours from Simo, DOTT, ACIDWORK and Seo John

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 10 January 2023
Walls And Pals power in with the second instalment of their vital 'Pals FM: Floor Materials' series

Korean label Walls And Pals return with the second instalment of their ‘Pals FM: Floor Materials’ series, with volume two featuring suitably cutting-edge sounds from an ensemble cast of creators.

Enlisted to supply the music are some faces both familiar and emerging, with Simo (Y2K92), ACIDWORK, DOTT, and Seo John combining to provide sounds from the shadowy depths of the dance underground. Indeed, floor-focused flavours are very much the order of the day here, with a kinetic charge deemed more important to the curation process than sticking too rigidly to any given style or genre. According to the label, “All four tracks in [Vol.2] correspond with the common purpose of bringing out ‘Floor Materials’, keeping distinct identity from each musician.”

Launching the mini compilation, rapper and producer Simo of Y2K92 injects his long-time Detroit simpatico into an evocative, minimalist landscape, with fizzing drums rolling over thick pads and stripped melodies for an immersive, late-night groove. Next, Bangkok’s More Rice Records co-founder DOTT utilises step sequencer rhythms as he traverses the fertile territory between house and techno, layering otherworldly textures over shuffling drums on ‘Antibody Movement’. On the flip, ACIDWORK dives deep into digital electro, with sparse electro drums driving grainy synth motifs and sample stabs across an unfettered dancefloor rhythm. Finally, fresh from dropping his recent ‘Dive’ EP on the Godezz label, Seo John rides in with ‘miQro’, a pounding take on the trance aesthetic that’s designed to excite compact spaces “rather than outdoor raves or festivals.”

In keeping with the previous ‘Floor Materials’ instalment, the EP features a pan-Asian cast of creators united in the common goal of framing the music as a material rather than a mere tool. Once again curated by label co-founders Mogwaa and Jesse You, ‘Volume 2’ excels in its nuanced intention, with each cut primed to set disparate dancefloor moods.

‘Pals FM: Floor Materials Vol 2 is out now on Walls And Pals. You can buy it here or via the player above

Patrizio Cavaliere is Mixmag Asia’s Music Editor. Follow him on Instagram

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