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bié Records teams up with Shika Shika for unique album that unites Asia & Latin America

The project features prominent names from both scenes, all remixing one another's tracks

  • Henry Cooper
  • 22 September 2023
bié Records teams up with Shika Shika for unique album that unites Asia & Latin America

China’s bié Records and Latin America-based Shika Shika team up for a unique collaborative project, where prominent artists from both labels and lands remix one another’s original tracks.

The project features DaYe, Lim Giong, Hualun, Sun Dawei and Rainsoft from bié Records and DJ Raff, Terror/Cactus, Numa Gama, Barrio Lindo and El Búho from Shika Shika.

Guided by creativity, boundary-breaking music, and fair artist representation, both labels highlight talents that fuse electronica, ambient, and folk, purposefully existing outside mainstream music conformity.

The two labels matched together a group of their artists to remix each other. The result? A widely imaginative, fresh and diverse selection of tracks by some of their most prominent producers.

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One of the standouts on the project is Terror/Cactus’ remix of Rainsoft’s ‘Gazebo’. The incredibly atmospheric track starts with traditional instrumentation over serene soundscapes of birdsong and flowing water. It’s the kind of sound you’d hear in a guided meditation session, only much more stylish. It builds to a euphoria-inducing track, with string melodies and organic percussion taking the reins. It’s incredibly soothing, melting everyday stresses away as the track builds.

Shika Shika co-founder Agus told Mixmag Asia, "Since we started Shika Shika, we have been looking to break borders through music, joining artists and audiences that are very passionate about music and cultural exchanges. We have been in contact with bié for some years, and finally, we put the things together to concrete this project. It's the first time for us that we co-created a release with another label, and the experience was awesome!"

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He adds "We believe for every artist, it was a nice challenge remixing and getting their own work remixed. The result is very unique, and we believe it may be the first time that Latin American and Chinese artists co-create an album on electronic music."

There’s also talk about the project going on tour in China sometime in October.

Purchase ‘bié records meets Shika Shika’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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