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SHFT’s latest offering for Qilla Records is fast, exciting & genre-defining

The four-track EP juggles ambient, techno, downtempo, acid & much more

  • Henry Cooper
  • 15 September 2023
SHFT’s latest offering for Qilla Records is fast, exciting & genre-defining

DJ, producer and mastering engineer SHFT is set to release his latest EP 'Samurai' on September 18 via Qilla Records.

This four-track EP navigates the eclectic corners of ambient, downtempo and techno. It often defies genres, oscillating between dance floor dynamism and resonant narrative depth. It feels as though it’s evolving and growing as you listen to it, with new ideas and growth happening constantly, all working with each other seamlessly — like SHFT is guiding you through his story and identity.

The title track, 'Samurai' sets the tone for the whole EP and starts out with an atmospheric ambience and psychedelic synth lines, growing and evolving throughout. When making it, SHFT describes the track as “illustrating a scene of a silent warrior under twilight skies, orchestrating a dance of courage and suspense.”

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After being welcomed into SHFT’s world on the opener, lead single and standout track ‘Quantum Forest’ is a headfirst dive into his unique sound. The acid-heavy, relentless techno track echoes with the cryptic symphony of miniature robots exchanging coded messages.

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Speaking on the EP, SHFT told Mixmag Asia, “Inspiration fuels innovation, and pushing boundaries transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. This is what I believe in, and I always try to push myself to go to the next level.”

SHFT, originally from Delhi and now based in Goa, is a renowned producer, DJ, and mastering engineer known for his distinctive sonic identity and ability to create enthralling audio narratives, with a career spanning over a decade.

Established in 2011, India’s Qilla Records is a collective and record label dedicated to unearthing innovative and captivating electronic music, uniting diverse genres and styles, creating a sanctuary for those seeking solace in immersive soundscapes.

Preorder ‘Samurai’ and listen to ‘Quantum Forest’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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