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More Rice Records & Walls And Palls founders come together for collaborative EP

DOTT, Sarayu, Mogwaa & Jesse You manifest a history of exchanging works into ‘Red Cap’

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 25 September 2023
More Rice Records & Walls And Palls founders come together for collaborative EP

Introducing the 'Red Cap' EP — a collaboration between More Rice Records and Walls And Pals. This four-track release is the culmination of shared experiences during gigs and road trips (plus an obvious mutual passion for electronic music) that manifested into a sonic adventure which took nearly a year to craft.

Hailing from the vibrant cities of Bangkok and Seoul, both entities have been instrumental in showcasing the talents of Asian artists on the global stage. The collaboration between More Rice and Walls And Pals feels like a natural fit, given their history of cross-promotion and an unwavering commitment to promoting unique sounds.

Mogwaa's ‘Daze In The Hood’ EP was released via More Rice Records in 2020, while DOTT's ‘Antibody Movement’ was featured on Walls And Pals' 2022 compilation ‘Pals FM: Floor Materials Vol.2'.

The EP features tracks from the brilliant minds of DOTT, Sarayu, Mogwaa and Jesse You — founders of their respective labels and masters of their craft, infusing each track with the carefree spirit of summer vibes.

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Sarayu kicks things off on the 'MR (More Rice)' side with 'Emotional Pads', which is a progressive house-breakbeat fusion that hits with unrelenting power and an irresistible groove. DOTT follows up with 'Trouble Don't Last'; a rich tapestry of samples, intricate percussion and synth work that creates a dense and immersive groove.

Mogwaa's contribution, 'Solace,' transports you to a trance-infused electro paradise with its hypnotic melodies and pulsating rhythms, while Jesse You's cosmic journey through soundscapes that feel as vast and enchanting as the Milky Way itself (hence the title ‘The Milky Way’) make up the ‘WP (Walls And Pals)’ side.

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There will also be release parties in Seoul and Bangkok on October 6 and October 4 respectively. Peek the event flyer below.

With this inaugural ‘Red Cap’ EP, we anticipate an exciting surge of creativity and interaction within the Asian dance music scene.

Purchase ‘Red Cap’ here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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