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Minimal-focused Morsecode Records to release debut compilation EP on vinyl

The 4-track project includes co-founder Slowmouth's 8-minute slow burner alongside artists from South Korea, Thailand & the U.S.

  • Henry Cooper
  • 18 August 2023
Minimal-focused Morsecode Records to release debut compilation EP on vinyl

Korean minimal label Morsecode Records has unveiled its first compilation EP, ‘MRS001’, as a vinyl-only release. The project brings together tracks from Slowmouth (KR), Kimmtae (KR), Cliff Sequence (US) and Liem (TH).

The compilation album “captures the artists’ poignant reflections on the evolving nature of the dancefloor over time,” mentions Slowmouth, one of the founders of Morsecode, with the mastering being handled by Boiled Wonderland and More Rice’s Chalo.

While unified by the minimal genre, each artist lends their distinct touch. Cliff Sequence ventures into 80s-inspired sounds, Kimmtae immerses listeners in an ethereal space-age ambience, while Liem injects a sense of urgency and alarm-like ideas. All the tracks have their own personality and flair, making for a compelling listen from start to finish.

The compilation kicks off with Slowmouth's ‘Trauma’, an 8-minute slow-burner that seamlessly interweaves various motifs. Beginning with traditional house elements of percussion and bass, the track undergoes a shift as synths take the lead, effortlessly blending ethereal and magical sounds with the existing airy layers. It's a standout example of a minimal track effectively executing ambitious ideas.

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Slowmouth goes on to add “Just as Morse code communicates essential messages using minimal signals, Morsecode Records focuses on the principle of ‘minimalism’, delivering musical experiences in their purest form. However, we believe that the art of ‘minimalism’ is not for everyone. We believe the ‘minimal-style’ music is for listeners who dig into the purest form of a groove, and we would like to form a close connection with whoever appreciates the art of minimal music”.

This release will be available in limited quantities at More Rice Records (Thailand) on September 1st, and Teller (Seoul) on September 8th. Alternatively, it can be downloaded on Bandcamp at a price of USD1000, if you’re feeling generous.

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Additionally, launch events are scheduled at Nevernormal (Bangkok) on September 1 and at Teller (Seoul) on September 8, with vinyl being available for purchase on the spot.

Morsecode Records is a Korea-based record label founded in 2023 by Slowmouth and Cliff Sequence. Quickly earning a reputation of its own, it has become a notable force in the underground scene, recognized for exceptional releases and events, all centred around quintessential minimal music.

Purchase Morsecode Records’ debut VA ‘MRS001’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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