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Ma Haiping features on Nile Rodgers’ radio show for a Lunar New Year special

The artists delve into stories behind their productions in the episode, which also includes Kris Phillips & Chace

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 12 February 2024
Ma Haiping features on Nile Rodgers’ radio show for a Lunar New Year special

Commemorating the Lunar New Year, music icon Nile Rodgers invited three Chinese artists to feature in his Deep Hidden Meaning Radio show; popstar Kris Phillips aka Fei Xiang, up-and-coming singer/songwriter/producer Chace and techno virtuoso Ma Haiping.

Ma expressed his excitement in a Facebook post, stating, “It’s a great honour to talk about music with Nile Rodgers, and I was also influenced by him because I believe funk music is the root of all dance music!”

Considered one of his “favourite Chinese artists”, Ma was the third guest Nile Rodgers spoke to in the episode out via Apple Music, where they touched on a number of topics such as the story behind his track ‘Tonal of the Rainy Season’ (which led him to become the first Chinese artist to release under a Detroit-based label) and his shared love for sci-fi with the legendary Jeff Mills.

“Detroit is the birthplace of underground techno and electro — the music I like,” Ma states in the episode.

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During their conversation, Nile goes on to reminisce the times he’s visited Shanghai — the musician known for his funky rhythms and catchy hooks plus collaborations with David Bowie, Madonna, and Daft Punk mentions he’s visited the city three times.

Nile even shares a story on the creative process behind the Daft Punk hit ‘Get Lucky’.

Touting Ma as “one of the most influential techno artists in China,” Nile gives a nod to Ma’s distinct style of blending Detroit techno sounds with mesmerising beats strongly inspired by sci-fi.

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Towards the end of the episode, Ma mentions about a conversation with Axis Records head honcho and techno guru Jeff Mills, who asked the producer about Chinese space technology and China’s underground techno scene.

The episode then closes out with Ma’s track ‘Collapse’, which was featured in the Mixmag Asia’s Best Music of 2023 list.

For those with a subscription, listen to the ‘Lunar New Year Special’ episode of Deep Hidden Meaning Radio here.

[Image via Ma Haiping Facebook]

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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