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Ma Haiping's 'Collapse' EP becomes vanguard of techno’s evolutionary sound

“I believe this EP is a proper dance floor weapon,” mentions the producer

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 5 July 2023
Ma Haiping's 'Collapse' EP becomes vanguard of techno’s evolutionary sound

Released on June 23 via Molecular Recordings, Ma Haiping’s thoughtfully crafted EP ‘Collapse’ instils both progression and perpetuality towards his artistic vision.

Considered one of the most influential names in techno in China, Haiping shares how he’s always been a loyal follower of Detroit techno, which you can hear its strong influence in his tracks. “In 2021, I released the album ‘Chang'e-4’ on Jeff Mills' Axis Records — a half techno, half experimental album. I started exploring more possibilities for techno from this record.”

Now returning to the UK’s Molecular Recordings after his XX 8 EP last year, he not only displays a modern sound of techno with futuristic textures, but also instils a riveting concept throughout the release.

“The original concept of ‘Collapse’ was inspired by the short story by Liu Cixin, a Chinese science fiction writer. The story roughly tells us that after the collapse of our current universe, time reverses, and the endpoint is also the starting point, so it goes round and round. This concept also fits well with the concept of techno for me,” he explains.

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With raw, direct sound design and energy concentrated in the bass and kick at low frequencies, each track is filled with surprises of sudden bursts of sound just when you least expect it. “Each track in the EP has a different groove, but after many tests at the club, I believe this EP is a proper dance floor weapon,” says the producer himself.

A master of crafting mesmerising melodies that pair together with innovative soundscapes, each arrangement evolves into its own sonic tale. Inspired by time singularities, the titular track lures you in with its repetitive beats, while hypnotic synths that evolve throughout the track suddenly impose themselves into the composition.

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“I believe that the key to maintaining techno's vitality is its continuous evolution within new technologies,” Haiping explains, whose sentiment can be felt within the tracks’ intricate layers and evolving arrangements that demonstrate his perpetual creativity while still constantly upholding the organic sound of techno.

Listen to ‘Collapse’ below and purchase the entire EP here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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