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Wong Kar-Wai’s oeuvre is presented in a 30-minute documentary featuring “never-before-seen” footage

Watch a trailer for One-Tenth of a Millimeter Apart

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 7 April 2021
Wong Kar-Wai’s oeuvre is presented in a 30-minute documentary featuring “never-before-seen” footage

So...turns out after all these years of watching Wong Kar-Wai’s movies one million times over, it turns out there are still clips from the movies that we have not seen?

One-Tenth of a Millimeter Apart debuted at the Hong Kong International Film Festival on April 2 following a screening of a 4K-restored version of his 1997 film Happy Together. The 30-minute film is presented as a documentary about Wong Kar-Wai’s entire catalogue of films and features behind-the-scenes footage as well as deleted scenes from the director’s oeuvre, including Chungking Express, Fallen Angels, In the Mood for Love, 2046, My Blueberry Nights and more. The film also features narrations by Wong Kar-Wai himself.

“We give our regards to all that is past and was possible,” Wong said as reported to Variety. “At their closest, they would have been part of these films, but for one-tenth of a millimetre.”

The documentary honours Jet Tone Films’ 30th anniversary, an independent production company that was founded by Wong Kar-Wai in 1991 for the production of Ashes of Time. Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei, it is now a leading independent production company with several award-winning feature films and media projects for the global marketplace.

“30 years of Jet Tone Films in a blink of an eye,” the company wrote on Instagram. "Memories in backward, forward, and everything altogether in the right time, we have gathered all for the celebration. happy 30th anniversary to us and many more to come.”

Wong is currently working with the production company on his debut TV series called Blossoms Shanghai, which stars Chinese actor Hu Ge.

Last year, we reported that 7 of Wong Kar Wai’s best movies were being restored in 4K, which showed in cities such as Bangkok, New York and Singapore. However, the new restorations have actually stirred up some controversy from critics who were displeased with the adjusted ratios and recoloured scenes.

Wong, however, clapped back at critics. “When a film needs to be restored, there are always things that can be fixed, otherwise why bother with the restoration in the first place.”

Although there’re no further details have been released surrounding the documentary yet, except that it’s coming soon, there is a trailer. Watch it below.

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