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Hey hey Taipei, we’re throwing an official afterparty for SYNERGY FESTIVAL

In the heart of Ximending, the party is free for ticket holders to the festival

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 16 March 2022
Hey hey Taipei, we’re throwing an official afterparty for SYNERGY FESTIVAL

With a whole digital world to unpack and a rich program of off-kilter music to experience, SYNERGY FESTIVAL looks to tickle your consciousness and leave you rethinking everything you know about music, DJs and staying connected. We took this ethos and applied it to an afterparty: welcome to the future, where music isn’t just to dance to, but also looks to challenge and engage.

While they might be usual suspects in Taipei, we’re giving a selection of hand-selected DJs a fresh platform to play together and explore that inimitable space created by a late-night dance floor — a tabula rasa for the maestros of the night.

Lemonfacer is a hardware obsessed DJ and producer who transplanted to Taipei from California in 2018. His performances are known to move effortlessly between atmospheric house all the way through to jungle and D’n’B, which he describes as self-gravitating towards electronic music with a “natural” feeling like breaks, drums and atmospheric textures.

Käte arrives in Taiwan from London and lives out her deep love for clothing and fashion aesthetics through her daily lifestyle — simple and neat, with a gentle yet obscure layer on cool tones. This quality is also manifested in her music, in which she lays out a simple and light structure, with a clear flow and rhythm, occasionally injecting unexpected turns and surprises according to the crowd and atmosphere which demonstrates the flexibility and elasticity of her music and aesthetic.

DJ, producer and graphic designer INN strolls in Taipei’s techno scene with a style that flits from deep industrial sound texture to mystic tribal sentiments to provocative groovy dancing beats. Inn’s performances are free from a singular fixed pattern — he extracts subtle connections among each track then refines into paragraphs of unique musical language.

The event takes place at Studio 9, a new music venue located in the heart of bustling Ximending in Taipei City. Admission is free for SYNERGY FESTIVAL ticket holders and is NT$500 for non-ticket holders.

Forget what you think you know; come with an open mind, leave with an idea.