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From Singapore to the world: Intriguant curates compilation of cutting-edge SG sounds

'UPLOADING: Time Capsule' celebrates community while fuelling artistic spirit

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 15 March 2022
From Singapore to the world: Intriguant curates compilation of cutting-edge SG sounds

Singapore-based artist Intriguant has dug deep into his home nation's electronic underground, unveiling a host of sonic treasures on the forthcoming 'UPLOADING: Time Capsule'.

The Singapore music scene has been hit harder than most during the ongoing pandemic, but that hasn't stopped locally-based selectors and creators from rallying to support their collective movement. Singaporean producer and DJ Louis 'Intriguant' Quek felt compelled to pour energy into the scene he came up in, and the forthcoming 18-track album is the result of time spent diligently scouting for musical morsels from the city-state's bountiful reserves. The far-reaching album incorporates all-manner of cutting-edge sounds and styles, meandering through abstract electronica, ambient, techno, and far beyond, with genre-defying experimentation serving as a key feature of the music. The album serves as a testament to the strength of the creative urge, with all contributing producers having endured two years – and counting – without a real-world outlet for their musical expression.

The music showcases an impressive assortment of compositions from Singapore's surprisingly vibrant electronic music scene, and the process of curating the collection was a thrilling experience for Intriguant. “First and foremost, I’ve always been a fan of the music – discovering new artists and music from Singapore keeps me excited about the present and the future”, he says. “As a curator, I wanted to feature different genres and styles of electronic music to listeners. It’s kind of an educational journey for people to experience how we are inspired by so many different kinds of music in Singapore”. Featuring a line-up including Kiat, The Analog Girl, FAUXE, Bgourd, Kitty Purrnaz, Fzpz, Zrina, Halal Sol, NADA, O$P$, and Intriguant himself, the collection is a panoramic view of the diverse landscape of the Singaporean electronic underground. Embodied with profoundly affecting emotion throughout, it's fitting that the collection is being billed as “a love letter to the Singaporean electronic music scene” by one of its most invested boundary-pushers.

To mark the release, two sold-out live shows will be held on at the Esplanade Annex Studio on March 17 and 18 at 7 pm.

'UPLOADING: Time Capsule' is out March 18 on all digital platforms, you can buy it here