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Sam Laxton presents a fresh take on tech-trance in latest track, ‘Into Me’

The commanding cut comes via Nocturnal Knights Fusion; sub-label of Tiësto and Arny Bink’s Black Hole Recordings

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 20 November 2023
Sam Laxton presents a fresh take on tech-trance in latest track, ‘Into Me’

Sam Laxton is known for his adeptness in blending old-school trance melodies and upfront techno into adrenaline-pumping releases, making him a favourite of festival-goers, demonstrated in his latest single ‘Into Me’.

The just-under-six-minute track launches at full throttle with boisterous kicks and heavy basses that lead up to a quintessential trance breakdown comprising catchy, melodramatic vocals accompanied by imposing leads. After a kaleidoscope of arpeggiated synths comes the anticipated tech drop that’s bound to take ravers to that anticipated euphoric peak.

“I wanted to combine the sound I'm most known for with a fresh take on tech-trance, adding in jarring vocals to give the track a unique vibe and 'Into Me' was the result. 'Into Me' is definitely peak time, or suited to a high energy, fast-paced techno or trance set,” Sam mentions to Mixmag Asia.

'Into Me' is said to draw inspiration from Sam’s DJ sets in Bangkok. “I watched what really gets the crowd moving and translated that into my own vision. This time the hook is in the bassline, which repeats and builds in tension throughout,” he states.

The track, released through Nocturnal Knights Fusion (a sub-label of Tiësto and Arny Bink’s Black Hole Recordings), has gained support from trance heavyweights Armin van Buuren at Amsterdam Dance Event and Aly & Fila.

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Originally from Newcastle and now based in Bangkok, Sam has garnered recognition from major labels such as Armada, Future Sound of Egypt, Subculture, Vandit, and Pure Trance. His previous releases have achieved significant success, securing top positions on Beatport and accumulating over 1.5 million streams in the last year.

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This year he's also attained an official partnership with UnKonscious Festival; a beachside event in Thailand that focuses specifically on the hypnotic sound of trance, set to make its comeback early next year.

In December Sam will be making two debuts; in Taipei on December 23 for Road to UnKonscious Festival 2024, and in Bali on December 30 for the NYE festival which spans three days at GWK National Park.

Listen to Sam Laxton ‘Into Me’ below and purchase the track here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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