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Kloxii Li explores the eerie elegance of trip hop & ambient soundscapes in ‘Gentle Impermanence 神遊間’

The Hunanese-born American artist was first discovered by Tricky for his compilation ‘Test of Time’

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 6 November 2023
Kloxii Li explores the eerie elegance of trip hop & ambient soundscapes in ‘Gentle Impermanence 神遊間’

Hailing from Hunan and Los Angeles, Kloxii Li continues to transmute her sound with the eerie elegance of trip hop and ambient soundscapes that blur with East-West identities, evoking a nostalgic essence of her own cultural memory.

Initially recognised by trip hop maestro Tricky, Li gained prominence with a feature on his Test of Time compilation. This breakthrough led to collaborations with prominent labels such as Lex Records, Houndstooth Records, Unguarded Berlin, and Modern Sky's Sound Blanc.

The Berlin-based artist has now released her debut LP ‘Gentle Impermanence 神遊間’ via Beijing’s bié Records, comprising nine tracks that oscillate between undefined intensity and ethereal calm.

Its inception came from a 20-minute composed soundtrack that emerged during a period of profound loss, using ambient soundscapes and drawing inspiration from the essence of sadness entwined with hypnotic trip hop rhythms.

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Aiming to capture the fleeting nature of life and existence, the tracks’ songwriting reflects the spectrum of emotions in Li’s grieving process through captivating layered vocal play and intricate synth melodies.

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With its beautiful sonic artistry ‘Gentle Impermanence 神遊間’ offers listeners to tap into themes of loss, gentleness and self-discovery while embracing the universal rhythm of impermanence — a profound aspect of the human experience.

Purchase ‘Gentle Impermanence 神遊間’ in digital or cassette form here.

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