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Saliva Bridge is a Hong Kong fashion brand with "a kawaii sense of defiance"

Watch: CFK x Mixmag Asia interview with Saliva Bridge co-founders Hin & Hong

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 10 January 2022
Saliva Bridge is a Hong Kong fashion brand with "a kawaii sense of defiance"

We teamed up with our good friends at Crazy from Kong for another insightful jaunt on screen about Hong Kong’s creative underbelly.

In this latest collaboration with Mixmag Asia, Crazy from Kong (CFK)’s Arne Venema aka Hyperobot sits down with the extroverted subculture protagonists of Hong Kong’s street fashion movement.

Saliva Bridge is a creative brand, or hub, co-founded by Hin and Hong who have roped in everything from video games and anime to 90's era Japanese advertising, to vaporwave and vices such as Japanese pornography.

Their aesthetic emits a rather cute, or kawaii, sense of defiance — pornography, drugs and other seemingly-crass depictions are packaged in light pastel colours, Japanese anime motifs, nuances of a nostalgic Hong Kong and plenty of Asian stereotypes that probably only Asians will understand.

What they’ve concocted through their lines of apparel certainly supersedes the formative elements of early 90’s vaporwave that bridged the cosmos, technology and a dream-like state. Their most notable and recurring them is the incorporation of cannabis, using slogans in their marketing like, “Better Drugs, Brighter Future” and infusing herbal matter into popular Japanese confectionary brands like HI-CHEW and Meiji Gummy Choco.

Check out the full and exclusive interview between Hyperobot and Hin & Hong from Saliva Bridge below.

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