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A sleek new levitating record player literally elevates the vinyl listening experience

The turntable renaissance is not slowing down anytime soon

  • Roger Yiu
  • 16 February 2021
A sleek new levitating record player literally elevates the vinyl listening experience

Designed by two Seoul-based artists, Jimin Hwang and Jihyo Seo, LEVI is a high-concept turntable nodding to the minimalist color palette of speaker giants Harman Kardon that features a levitating record.

Over the past few years, vinyl junkies have made listening to records hip again after decades of stagnation. Now imagine the sheer joy on people’s faces when they see records being played on levitating turntables. Thanks to an intricate electromagnetic drive and coils, record aficionados can be blown away when they see Levi in action. There’s only one problem — LEVI is still in concept mode and won’t be coming to local Hi-Fi stores any time soon.

Jimin Hwang and Jihyo Seo were inspired by the simple yet polished look of Harman/Kardon speakers and amplifiers from many years back. They created a sleek white turntable with a floating platter that is amazing to listen to and look at. LEVI comes with four interchangeable tonearms available in different colours. On the side of the turntable, there is a dedicated switch to change record playing speeds — which is adjustable from between 12 to 17 rpm with the chick dial, meaning this is likely to give a slowed down and stretched out sound to your records that play at the standard 33 and 45 rpm speeds.

Although LEVI boasts a Harman Kardon logo, this project is yet to be confirmed by the renowned audio equipment manufacturer. This would be huge news for turntable lovers if Harman Kardon committed to a project like this since it has been more than 40 years since they have released a record playing device.

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