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Pro-Ject releases two new record cleaning machines

The VC-E2 & VC-S3 both come with an eco-friendly, non-alcoholic ‘Wash It 2’ cleaning fluid

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 7 March 2023
Pro-Ject releases two new record cleaning machines

If you’ve been cleaning vinyl with a fibre brush and cleaning fluid, now’s the time to one up your cleaning game with two new record cleaning machines from Pro-Ject.

The Austrian brand has just launched the VC-E2 and VC-S3 — two upgraded compact versions of their previous VC-S, VC-E and VCS2 models.

The newer models include improved features such as a magnetic record clamp, an overall outer look, self-adhesive arm strips, an improved motor and also come with the new ‘Wash It 2’ cleaning fluid.

Between the two devices, the VC-E2 has a smaller build at 6.5kg, a 0.5-litre tank, an upgraded vacuum steam outlet and might be better for a regular everyday user.

Then there’s the VC-S3 for vinyl aficionados with a bigger collection that will demand more time when it comes to cleaning. The device comes in at 8kg with a 2-litre tank.

As for the features, they both include all the new upgrades. One of them would be their new ‘Wash It 2’ cleaning fluid, one that doesn’t require diluting the concentrate.

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This liquid is an eco-friendly, non-alcoholic fluid that is pre-mixed with demineralized water, to avoid any mistakes that could destroy micro information. The fluid is also built to evaporate in the tank, which will mean less cleaning up and being emptied.

Another feature is the magnetic record clamp that will protect the record label from the cleaning process instead of screwing it down as its predecessors did.

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If you’re still getting those clicks and pops while playing your vinyl, it might be clear signs that the gunk beneath those grooves might need some extra love and care. If you’re looking to invest in your collection, these pieces are going at around USD480 (for the VC-E2) and USD745 (for the VC-S3).

Click here for more info on the VC-E2 and here for the VC-S3.

Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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