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Prilly & Selva unleash their global collab 'Shooting Stars'

It’s the third strong release for Spinnin' Records Asia

  • Iris Gao
  • 7 February 2020
Prilly & Selva unleash their global collab 'Shooting Stars'

Following impressive first releases by BEAUZ and Ken Takano & Patrick Moreno, the recently launched Spinnin' Records Asia label continues its hot streak with this powerful third single. Underlining the label's unique mission statement, this record attempts to mix an Asian artist with another globally performing artist, resulting in a unique sound that leans on both pop, dance and their own trademark qualities.

'Shooting Stars' features Indonesian actress and singer Prilly, known mainly as an actress (gaining her millions of fans and multiple awards) but also a singer with multiple single releases. Since her 2014 debut 'Fall In Love' she’s released several records in her native language. Now, on this record she's teamed up with emerging Brazilian DJ and producer duo Selva, who’ve been building a strong reputation for creating pop infused dance records, including 2018's global hit 'Miss U', a collab with DJ superstar Alok.

Toto Widjojo, Managing Director of Warner Music Indonesia said, "With Spinnin’ being the largest dance label in the world, it has shown focus and interest in Asia and recently launched Spinnin’ Records Asia together with WMG. Following music from BEAUZ, Indonesian/Taiwanese DJ duo, Prilly has been selected as another key release by Spinnin’ Records Asia. I’m very proud and excited about the trust this label put in Indonesian artists. 'Shooting Stars' – a collaboration between Prilly and Brazilian DJ and producer duo Selva, will certainly bring people around the world dancing together"

But beyond the feel good PR, 'Shooting Stars' cleverly is a well crafted dance track that has a sentimental edge, courtesy of Selva's melancholic chords and Prilly's sweet voice. Touching stuff that's bound to pull heartstrings from Indonesia to Brazil, and most places in between. Stream Here

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