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Mixmag Asia Radio: Rainforest Pavilion duo JoyLi share a poem of love

The mix kicks off with their new release 'Trust the Molecules'

  • Charles Budd
  • 27 January 2021
Mixmag Asia Radio: Rainforest Pavilion duo JoyLi share a poem of love

Rainforest Pavilion founders, DJs, producers and eco-warriors, JoyLi is the musical amalgamation of Alex Joy and Jen Li. Using music as their vehicle to garner awareness and a sense of community values to a cause that’s integral to our planet, the pair have been a ground-breaking movement that stems from North America to Indonesia and that cherishes the sound of sustainability.

Despite the lack of gigs and travel restrictions, JoyLi has channeled their recent hardships into some much needed creativity, and Alex shares with us their personal journey, “2020 has been a year of great loss, but also a year of great inspiration. It started off terribly with the loss of my brother Taro in a tragic drowning accident. Followed by the cancellation of our wedding in Bali due to the pandemic. But in this sorrow and communal grief we have all been feeling, we found solace in the music.”

The duo are both classically trained in music, with Alex covering violin and keys, and Jen lending her vocals as well key skills to their productions. Jen tells us, “We joined forces in 2018 for Wonderfruit at Rainforest Pavilion and found that it was really fun to play with a partner so we kept going! We like to send a positive message through our music and always leave you wanting more.”

Although currently stationed out in Canada, Asia is still home, with Bali being the epicentre of their mission. From recovering and regenerating the ravaged rainforests of Indonesia, mostly caused by global misappropriation of palm oil use, to nourishing the regional electronic music scene with positivity and great music, JoyLi are a commendable force of admiration. Thanks to their Rainforest Pavilion concept which brings existential awareness to rave culture, artists like Indonesia’s Gato Latex and Prabumi are offered to share their forward-thinking music to discerning listeners, particularly at their Wonderfruit camp (which they had to unfortunately miss out on last year). The duo elaborate, “there are many more DJ’s that stand out to us — Halim Ardie, Sivanesh, Dan Buri, James Selva; many of the Rainforest Pavilion Alumni who have delivered memorable sets. It’s great to see some of them getting exposure on other Mixmag asia mixes too.”

Speaking about the mixes, what JoyLi have prepared for this week’s episode of Mixmag Asia Radio is a very special one for us, and of course to them. They’d like to share that special message with you, “Our track ‘Trust the Molecules’, debuting on this mix, was inspired out of this (the tragic loss of brother, Taro Joy), and features some of the last recorded words of Taro. Also featured in our track are words from our mother, Penny Joy, as she feels that she is channeling Taro often now. The track will be released on Bandcamp and was a labour of love, co-produced with ours (and Taro's) friend Neil McLellan who is famous for his work with The Prodigy amongst many more. From all this abundance of feeling we are inspired to create this mix for Mixmag Asia.”

Tune into Mixmag Asia Radio 049 with JoyLi below, and you can also grab a copy of ‘Trust the Molecules' here.


1. Trust is Key - Chaos in the CBD
2. Powder (Henrik Schwarz Remix) - Kerri Chandler and Jerome Sydenham
3. Caballero (Radio Slave's Innervision Remix) - Tokyo Black Star, Radio Slave 4. Long Dream
(Original Mix) - Forrest, Raw District
5. I Get Deep (Ed Ed Remix) - Roland Clark, DJ Le Roi
6. Rabbits in a hurry (Roman Fluegel Mix) - Superpitcher
7. Keter the Heavenly (Damian Lazarus Re - Shape) - Krust
8. Robot Evolution (Midnight Operator Remix) - Len Faki
9. Trust the Molecules (Original Mix) - JoyLi
10. 1000 Miles (Harry Romero Remix) - Martin Landsky
11. Acid Track (KiNK Remix) - DJ Pierre, Phuture
12. Jack in the box (Original mix) - Cari Lekebusch
13. Tex (Original Mix) - Dense & Pika
14. Materium (Argy & Ernest & Frank Remix) - Alex Niggemann
15. Isa (Original Mix) - Tim Engelhardt
16. Void - Basetwelve
17. Immersion (Original Mix) - WhoMadeWho, Adana Twins

We would also like to share their poem by Penny Joy, dedicated to Taro Joy:

Trust the Molecules ,
Dancing is a Prayer
Bring your Prayers into the frequencies they will be answered

Through dark despair
the air of possibility
of durability
of wonderability
of capability
built in the centre of my heart
and those of all
May they relinquish
the inauthentic self
that has tracked their
blinding their vision
to the point of destruction
reduction to a small
shadow of the greater
power and joyful explosion
of energy held
in all cells
that ring the bells
of awakening recognition
of collaboration
as one entity
moving lightly
over the planet

pulling the strings of knowing
sowing the seeds of change
to re-image the cellular
structure of all elements
to know their authentic
selves in every way
to save the world of living
pulsing dancing love-illuminated

Trust the Molecules ,
Dancing is a Prayer
Bring your Prayers into the frequencies they will be answered

Freedom for your soul
Let your body go
Freedom for your soul
Freedom Freedom Freedom

Freedom for your soul

Freedom for your soul

Dancing is a Prayer
Trust the Molecules ,
Dancing is a Prayer
Bring your Prayers into the frequencies

Freedom for your soul

Dancing is a Prayer

Bring your Prayers into the frequencies they will be answered

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