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Eco-friendly music with Halim Ardie from Bali

Mixmag Asia Radio gets a poetic treatment

  • Charles Budd
  • 1 July 2020
Eco-friendly music with Halim Ardie from Bali

An eco-warrior slash DJ, Halim Ardie is a one of a kind music messenger that truly practices every bit that he preaches. While playing openings and closings for legends like Tiestö, Black Coffee and Richie Hawtin, or while churning out desert sounds at Burning Man, Halim spends his time outside of the booth cultivating awareness and funding for purposes that highly important to keeping our planet stable, as he heroically puts it, “raising funds and spreading awareness once dance floor at a time.”

Raised in the US and standing tall in Bali as a purveyor of good karma, Halim is also a member of Rainforest Pavilion together with founder and fellow DJ, Alex Joy. Together with their team, they use environmentally-friendly art installations to create awareness of rainforest conservation through music and dance, with some of their most famous work being showcased at Potato Head Bali and Wonderfruit in Thailand.

Like his ethos of diversity, it would be fair to say that Halim’s sound spectrum is infinitely global, while maintaining a stronghold in the realms of house music. He easily drifts to the trippier and darker side of dance, and is an avid supporter of Indonesian producers, who you will get a tasty treat of in his set for Mixmag Asia Radio.

For the eighteenth issue of our radio series, Halim takes us on a genre-bending journey through downtempo, breaks and trippy house — his inspiration came from the story-telling styles of poets Rumi and Pushkin. “This mix travels across lands physical and imaginary”, as Halim starts to describe his set to us, it is “a true reflection of my home Bali, Indonesia...a place where nations and cultures collide in a beautiful mess of people and ideas. This is my home, this is Bali 2020.”

Tune in to Mixmag Asia Radio 018 with Halim Ardie below.


1. Prabumi - 'Sila [Sua.Ra.Loka]' x Rumi 'Hush, Don't Say Something to the Gods' X Rumi 'I am a Sculptor' as read by Valeria Mushak

2. Dan Buri - 'Baan Nohk (Los Cabra Remix)' [Akbal Music] X Pushkin 'U Lukomorya' (by the bay) - the Prologue to 'Ruslan and Ludmila'

3. Oliver Osborne - 'Look for the Exit' [Garden Groove Music] X Rumi 'Because I Cannot Sleep' Poem as read by Valeria Mushak

4. Otherkind - 'Echoes' [Sweatbox Records]

5. Westseven & Kuroten feat. Meliha - 'Double or Nothing (Kris Davis Remix)' [Soul De Anima]

6. Reno Renatama X Alex Schroeder - 'Morning Bender (EMKii Remix)' [LeftRight Sound]

7. Lenny Middles - 'Swellz (Moodymanc Straight Rub mix)' [Well Cut Records]

8. Kostas G - 'Lucid Dreams [Kiosek Records]' X Rumi 'What Have I Ever Lost By Dying?' as read by Valeria Mushak

9. DJ Murge feat. Sierra Lundy - 'Can't Hurt Me Now' [Loci Record]

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