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Jamie xx releases new single ‘It’s So Good’

The new single is Jamie's first in two years, following 2022's 'KILL DEM'

  • 11 January 2024
Jamie xx releases new single ‘It’s So Good’

Jamie xx returns with new single ‘It’s So Good’ via Young.

The new release is the soundtrack to the latest Chanel campaign, COCO CRUSH which has also launched globally today.

Out now, ‘It’s So Good’ is Jamie’s first single in two years after ‘KILL DEM’ and ‘LET’S DO IT AGAIN’.

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This tension-building stop-and-start rhythm from his new single sees the producer blend Brazilian funk inspirations and samples with a modern glitchy twist.

Last year saw Jamie define his live show with dates across the world including a North American tour with LCD Soundsystem and IDLES as part of the Re:SET Concert Series.

Earlier this month, fellow The xx member, Romy, revealed that the group are back in the studio working on a brand new album.

The upcoming album from The xx would be their first in seven years after the release of their last studio record, ‘I See You’.

The group - which consists of Romy, Jamie xx, and Oliver Sim - are said to be working on a “wide open” and “exciting” new record, according to NME.

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Romy told the publication that the next album is in the works, although it’s still early days. “I still think you’ll be able to tell it’s us but I think we’re excited to move it on and keep it feeling fresh,” she told NME.

“I think Oliver [Sim] and Jamie [xx] and I have all tried new things and learned a lot from different projects and I think that’s quite healthy to be like, ‘What have you learned? What should we do now?’,” she said.

She added: “I think it’s quite wide open and it’s exciting to be starting again in a way. But we’ve started making some music and I’m really excited about it.”

Listen to Jamie xx’s new single ‘It’s So Good’ below.

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