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Does IT'S THE SHIP's 2022 teaser hint at a new future for festivals in Asia?

Asia's biggest festival looks to set us sail on a groundbreaking 2022 voyage with NFT experiences & more

  • Mixmag Asia Crew
  • 27 December 2021
Does IT'S THE SHIP's 2022 teaser hint at a new future for festivals in Asia?

A new video teaser released by Asia’s largest festival at sea reveals an enthusiastic yet cryptic message about what we may experience in the year ahead, and perhaps for even the years to come.

Whimsically playing on their iconic yellow duck mascot, the surprise video teaser released on their official IT’S THE SHIP Instagram and Facebook accounts drop hints about the brand transforming into the Web 3.0 space styled with bold 90s, 8-bit nostalgia. Nipping away at Microsoft’s iconic wavering, blue-skied, checkered flag, and re-appointed with the slogan ‘Windoh’, the video teaser shuffles through meme-ified references of buzz-worthy topics like Squid Game, David Hasselhoff with emphasised inkling on K-pop nuances vis-à-vis Black Pink and with obvious hints of a party happening on a cruise ship and possibly on a three-day getaway at an island resort, too (?)

Over the last two pandemic-stricken years, the burgeoning resurgence of a growing importance for a decentralized internet that is accessible to everyone, has been visually grafted by pixelated motifs, easily reminiscent of the first internet boom throughout the 90s.

The Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore-based entity behind IT’S THE SHIP, Livescape Group, have used these last couple of difficult and obstructive years to identify a forward-thinking, all-inclusive and sustainable plan for the future that calls for an idealistic reset — one that bridges our virtual and real worlds. In addition to music and entertainment focused events and concepts, Livescape Group’s portfolio includes fitness, fashion, blockchain and more with their other brands like Move, Museroom, White Pony, Scared What, All-Access-Anonymous (AAA) and Concierge.

With hints of community engagement through gaming and perhaps celebrity-endorsed experiences, and through what looks a flagship NFT of their IT’S THE SHIP’s iconic duck, it looks like Asia’s favourite cruise ship festival is embracing an inevitable future that offers participation in both an online and offline space for music-revellers in the region.

If they've piqued your curiosity like they've got ours, then head over to their Instagram account and brace yourselves for their forthcoming announcements.

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