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Gigi Lee invokes pandemic nuances on her latest breakbeat single 'Isolation'

'Isolation' is sexually charged new electronic track out on Whet Records

  • Mixmag Asia
  • 16 September 2021
Gigi Lee invokes pandemic nuances on her latest breakbeat single 'Isolation'

For some of us, there is already a realisation of how the future of the past has finally dawned upon us; whether it’s being realised through this current transitional phase taking us all into an artificial universe, or through art-conscious cyberpunk feels that are now IRL aesthetics, producer and DJ Gigi Lee has found her destiny in expressing these changing values through cutting edge music.

Her latest output comes via Warner’s sub-label Whet Records which launched earlier this year, with a focus on electronic dance music from the region. ‘Isolation’ by Gigi Lee is one of her more intriguing and unexpected works to date — heavily grooved over breakbeat sensibilities, the highlight of the single is Gigi’s lyrical play.

“I need some stimulation
Not just porn or masturbation
There is always temptation
To get the ‘hell out of this isolation“

Whet Records has been on a mission to engage with some of Asia’s most popular artists who take creative risks — this latest single from Gigi is a testament to the label’s agenda.

Gigi Lee ‘Isolation’ is out now on Whet Records. Check it out below.