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'Recluse EP' is Gandhar's first foray into production-based music

The musical prodigy's ode to the sound of "the beginning" will be out via Krunk Kulture on November 4

  • Waiying Ho
  • 25 October 2022
'Recluse EP' is Gandhar's first foray into production-based music

If playfulness is what makes us human, then Gandhar perfectly translates this notion into his musical compositions. Using the primary premise of “having fun”, the Mumbai-based singer, producer and DJ interlaces his individual expression towards music and self-contemplation within the forthcoming ‘Recluse EP’, which will be released on November 4 via Krunk Kulture.

Fresh, funky and inward-looking, ‘Recluse EP’ is Gandhar’s ode to where everything started and the sound of “the beginning”. Though this is Gandhar’s first time getting into music production, his head-on attitude allows the self-taught multi-instrumentalist to embrace experimenting with quirky vocal samples and pure chaos to communicate through layers of sounds.

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Heavily inspired by live looping, Gandhar applies countless styles to his musical structures and evolves his sound into colourful blasts of electronica with copious amounts of indie goodness and floating, breezy dance-pop.

As for the artwork designed by Atharva Kantak aka kant.ent, it “represents creation through isolation and a sense of freedom and illusion of limitless time” as mentioned in an Instagram post. This combines effortlessly with the album’s perspective of doing things just for fun and having something precious come out of it.

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‘Recluse EP’ is set to be released via Krunk Kulture, the label established in August 2020 by KRUNK. The festival curator/artist management/booking agency continues to focus on advancing electronic and dance music from India and the East in general, hence the release of ‘Recluse EP’.

Pre-order Gandhar ‘Recluse EP’ here and follow the artist on Instagram.

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