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DJ Nobu, Acid Pauli, Nicola Cruz & new Wonderfruit 'residents' added to 2023 line-up

Final ticket sales start next week

  • Words: Amira Waworuntu | Image: Wonderfruit
  • 6 September 2023
DJ Nobu, Acid Pauli, Nicola Cruz & new Wonderfruit 'residents' added to 2023 line-up

For those who missed out on the previous public sale of Wonderfruit 2023 tickets worry not. Organisers have announced that another sale is about to take place on September 18-21, 2023 — this will be the last chance to secure tickets for this year’s anticipated event.

Starting at 6pm BKK (GMT+7), the sale will run for 72 hours, offering limited Weekend Passes that provide access from Saturday to Monday (December 16-18, 2023).

Keep an eye out for a limited number of upgrades available during this upcoming sale, which allows you to convert your three-day weekend pass to a full five-day pass (for a price, of course!). You’ll want to get your name on the waitlist for this.

Resells and transfers will also be available at the new initiative called Wonder Market — organisers say more info on this will be coming out soon.

Another update from the festival is its line-up, which now includes the likes of Acid Pauli, Nicola Cruz, DJ Nobu, Viken Arman (Live), Nightmares on Wax, Henrik Schwarz and Jason Dhakal among a number of others who have been confirmed to perform.

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A venue favourited by many dwellers of the dark — The Quarry — has unveiled its list of sonic sorcerers and sorceresses who will soundtrack nights full of beats and nature. Once again decorated by the stunning lighting designs of Jiro Endo, The Quarry this year introduces resident DJs DOTT, Di Linh and Elaheh, along with a line-up that’s not to be missed.

Then there’s Forbidden Fruit, which this year is said to “return to its red roots” and will be “fiercely guarded by a fiery dragon”. But, enter and you shall definitely reap your rewards as the line-up comprises seven regional collectives who aim to unabashedly showcase their signature styles and sounds. This includes FuFu Records, Snug, Rainbow Disco Club and more.

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Just when you thought The Fields couldn't get any more exciting, Wonderfruit has also announced three additional new venues to explore, including one that’ll resound nothing but ambient music (believe us, you’ll need this) and one located within the Ancestral Forest.

This year's event promises a transformation in its sonic landscape, with a deliberate shift towards introspective tones and deep listening experiences, in order to complement Wonderfruit's wellness concept, inviting attendees to forge a profound connection between the human mind and the intricate tapestry of sound.

For more info and updates, visit the Wonderfruit website here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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