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70 analogue shots of Wonderfruit 2022

Adrianna Cheung captures the blurry splendour of Wonderers, armed with a 50mm

  • 26 January 2023

In mid-December 2022, four days of the elated Wonderfruit festival came back in all its glory to The Fields. Among the many to wander the grounds was Mixmag Asia's own Culture Curator and photography enthusiast, Adrianna Cheung.

Armed with her two weapons of choice (Olympus OM1-N with Om System MC Auto-S 50mm F1.8 and Konica MT-11) plus multiple days of absorbing the festival's entrancing atmosphere, she bestows upon us 70 images that document the immersive, multisensory experience that had thousands dancing in the dark and staying up til sunrise.

She shares a few stories of her memorable capturings from the festival below.

Any personal highlights from the eclectic offering of electronic music acts at Wonderfruit 2022?
Personally, I enjoyed Elaheh from More Rice Records’ set a lot; I know of her through an episode of Mixmag Asia Radio. She was the first act to play at The Quarry on Saturday, where I witnessed the dancefloor fill up from only just a few people to becoming fully packed.

Another one would be DJ Masda; his mixing was precise and the track selection was flawless!

I also enjoyed Tama Sumo b2b Lakuti at Forbidden Fruit. They brought a whole new vibe to that stage by pushing the genre boundaries. Was surprised when they played ‘People Are Still Having Sex’ by LaTour — brings back memories of when I first started raving!

Share with us some stories behind the shots you took!

The shot above was taken on the first day when I was still exploring the festival and I stumbled across my ex-colleague who is living in Thailand. He brought me over to Ziggurat with Singha where he was working. It was around sunset — Isaac Aesili was performing live and people were just having a good time.

This is the first photo I took at Wonderfruit and also happens to be one of my favorites. Since I hadn’t left Hong Kong for three years, it's a great feeling to be out and taking photos again!

Of all the stages at Wonderfruit, which would you say was your favourite?
My favourite stage would have to be The Quarry…for the simple reason that the music genre is what I enjoy the most!

Any non-music-related experiences you enjoyed at Wonderfruit last year?
I know everyone goes to the Solar Village during sunset, but I think the sunset from the Open Kitchen is also amazing. You could see people from the festival walking around from another perspective.

Another thing that caught my interest would definitely be the spicy noodles and Omurice which I had at 5am — it's a lifesaver!

Browse through the whole gallery above and read a review of Wonderfruit 2022’s sonic highlights here.

[Images by Mixmag Asia's Culture Curator, Adrianna Cheung]

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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