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24 hours in Asia

24 hours in Asia with Danny Avila

Can you guess what tropical country we followed him to?

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 27 May 2016
24 hours in Asia with Danny Avila

DJs like Danny Avila stir up some serious seeds of envy when we see how they spend their off time when on tour. But we like living vicariously through them because at the end of the day, life isn't just about the party and DJs, they're just like us. Check out how Danny took in Thailand and maybe heed his advice when planning your next vacation to Phuket.

"This is such a stereotypical image of a DJ on tour, but it's actually reality. Whenever I get the chance I take out my laptop to work on new music or on my sets. It's 24/7."

"Phuket has the most amazing beaches and since I love all water activities, I always go to the beach when I get the chance."

"Aside from wakeboarding, driving around on Jet Skis is probably one of the most fun activities you can do, especially in a place like this."

"For me this is the most amazing time of the day, you can feel the heat of the day going and the heat of night coming in!"


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