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24 hours in Asia

48 hours in Asia with Steve Aoki

Keeping up with Steve Aoki in Asia is hectic

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 24 May 2016
48 hours in Asia with Steve Aoki

Known to play somewhere around 300 shows a year which often includes multiple shows per day, locking anything down with Steve Aoki is no easy feat and neither is keeping up with him. Fortunately we got a glimpse into what life is like for Aoki while he was on the road in Asia and if anything, we're very impressed with how much tourist time he packs into his already hectic schedule.

“Always finding time to work out on the road!”

“Working on my set before I go on.”

“Dental hygiene is important, kids!”

“Merch ain't gonna sell itself!”


“Tokyo has one of the best crowds!“

“Backstage with Howard of Disclosure!”


“Incredible atmosphere at my Bangkok show.“

“Mid headstand in Chengdu”

“At peace with the Chengdu Pandas”

“Gotta do an Aoki jump in every city I visit“

“Push ups in Nanjing!”

“Sampling a selection of Japanese herbal teas”

“Finding calm in the chaos of touring.”

“I met some really dedicated fans in Nanjing. This is a sick portrait of me!”

“Proud to be Japanese! Flying the flag in Osaka.”

“Trying out the delicious seafood Hokkaido has to offer”

“Reppin’ Dim Mak Collection in Sapporo”

[Photos via Caesar Sebastian]

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