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When quarantine inspires: MYRNE is back with another EP on Ultra Music

‘Wandering’ EP is a sure sign of the young Singaporean’s growing journey

  • Zita Chan
  • 30 October 2020
When quarantine inspires: MYRNE is back with another EP on Ultra Music

It’s been a busy 2020 for MYRNE after signing with Ultra Music at the end of 2019. Known for his emotively melodic and hypnotic EDM, the young Singaporean doesn’t disappoint with his latest ‘Wandering’ EP. It fully encapsulates his musical style and certainly the maturity that has grown out of his studio over the past year.

Self-discovery and mind-wandering days seem to take up most of MYRNE’s time when he’s not writing music, and it’s that spontaneous instinct that really drove him to create ‘Wandering’. In his own words about the release, the young producer explained about ‘Wandering’ being “a collection of songs that I wrote while in a period of self-discovery and aimless wandering. Nature and day-to-day existence definitely inspired this record, and it feels very liberating writing music spontaneously without conscious planning.”

I got a chance to speak to MYRNE further about his year and the inspiration behind his latest release, and there’s no doubt that he’s certainly found his own space, place and time for sonic escapism. “All of the songs were started, and finished in my bedroom! Compared to my previous album, where I travelled a lot finishing songs around the world. But obviously I could not do it for this EP! The songs are a little different too, very organic instead of electronic. I mostly started all the songs by playing ideas on my guitar or piano — there were a lot of guitars by me, and my friend Charlie (Duumu). Neither of us are decent guitar players, so we usually record each take by strumming once, moving our fingers, then recording again... But you can't tell when you listen to it!”

Modesty and dedication are important to MYRNE, and while he’s remained busy at home during Singapore’s transitional lockdown period, he certainly misses the jet-set life where he was touring and collaborating across the region. “I would love to return to Shanghai or Seoul whenever I can fly again! I miss having tasty food, and after spending 23 years in Singapore even that gets a little boring.” When I asked him about his plans for the near future, he humbly replied, “I have no ideas or expectations yet, I would like to be open minded about these things! Sometimes even a random singing voice note from a fan can spark a collaboration.”

Stay inspired, and stay tuned for more from Singapore’s MYRNE. In the meantime, you can listen to his latest ‘Wandering’ EP below.

MYRNE "Wandering" EP is out on Ultra Music today, and you can order it here.