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Varia Instruments takes their signature rotary mixers on the road to Asia

The Swiss company will host demos and showcases in Seoul, Tokyo and Osaka for the first time

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 5 April 2023
Varia Instruments takes their signature rotary mixers on the road to Asia

Founded by Simon Schär and Marcel Schneider, Varia Instruments is a company based in Switzerland that produces high-quality grade DJ equipment.

The two technicians and music enthusiasts build their line of products from scratch in their workshop in Bern and now they’re headed to Asia to showcase their goods.

Their trip to Asia will take up almost the entire month of April and consist of music showcases, radio streams and test sessions where people can come try out their products and converse with both founders themselves.

"We will bring our RDM20 and RDM40 rotary mixers to the presentation and we also have the TTW10 and TTW10H turntable weights for trial. The mixers will be connected to sound sources (turntables, CDJs) so people can really test the devices, hear how they react and how they sound," mentions Schär to Mixmag Asia.

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The company has announced official dates in South Korea and Japan, with more events that may follow spontaneously. Their first event today in Seoul will feature DJ sets from Simon Schär along with local stalwarts Cosmo, Jesse You and youknowsong. Check out the full schedule below.

- April 5: Test Session at The Edge, Seoul (5pm-9pm (GMT+9))
- April 6: Radio Stream at Seoul Community Radio (7pm-12am (GMT+9))
- April 8: Music Showcase at Kompakt Record Bar, Seoul (8pm-2am (GMT+9))
- April 9: Music Showcase at Tunnel, Seoul (10pm-2am (GMT+9))
- April 20: Test Session at Circus, Tokyo (7pm-11pm ((GMT+9))
- April 24: Test Session at Circus, Osaka (7pm-11pm ((GMT+9))

"We've noticed a growing demand in Asian countries during the past three to four years," Schär explains regarding the market for music production equipment, adding how they’ve also noticed many interesting venues popping up particularly in Seoul.

Japan has been on their radar for quite some time — "We have a huge passion for vintage audio systems and Japan is well known for that, so we hope to learn some new things about this topic," he adds.

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Varia Instruments' Asia tour is more than just about selling products. The founders hope to meet inspiring people, absorb new ideas, explore the scene and learn more about other countries' party cultures. "Being on the road is the perfect counterpart to the very exact and calm work in the workshop when we're building mixers."

Dive into the details of Varia Instruments' products here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.