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ORBITWARE inaugurates weekly community event nights at Vault Bali

Two cult favourite names of the island come together for a night of experimental art & music performances

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 29 November 2022
ORBITWARE inaugurates weekly community event nights at Vault Bali

We’ve gotten word that Bali hotspot Vault is set to host community-based events every Tuesday. Kicking things in motion for the first-ever showcase is Bali’s very own ORBITWARE — a platform with strong artistic DNA running through its veins in representing an array of talent in contemporary club culture.

On Tuesday, December 2, ORBITWARE will take over Vault’s underground space with live musical offerings and art performances. Gracing us with their acts are Los Angeles-based artist FITNESS and the Bali-based YLVA FALK with an art installation by Pinkygurl.

Enter with an open mind you must as FITNESS performs “a primordial choreography of our Holy Ancestors”, emerging as a composite of wires and veins coursing with distilled rage and sorrow — something you’ll definitely have to see for yourself.

YLVA FALK has previously collaborated with acclaimed artists in China and Paris, embracing a myriad of influences in navigating the ebbs and flows of life. Never one to limit herself, she takes on the world of martial arts, fashion, performance art and music to express her artistic flair.

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Of course, no event at Vault is complete without a strong line-up of beat purveyors. Warming up the night will be emerging local DJ Floyd before ORBITWARE members Mairakilla, Raissa and Plaur continue to bring the heat from the venue’s iconic booth to the dancefloor with their assortment of unabashed tunes.

Since 2019, ORBITWARE’s top priority has always revolved around bridging the gap between experimental nature and popular culture in their own aesthetic manner. The collective have hosted many cult favourite events before, including co-organising RAVEPASAR — a Bali-based contemporary art and music festival which invited esteemed artists to not only perform but also host in-depth discussions.

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Price of entry is IDR50,000 if you buy your passes online until Monday, December 6. At-the-door tickets are also available for IDR150,000 (includes first drink).

Purchase online tickets to ORBITWARE’s event at Vault here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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