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Munir shares stories from recent Asia tour via 'The Soundtrack Of Sentiments'

The release via 1asia is filled with sounds of modern funk, hip hop, ambient, disco & beyond

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 22 September 2023
Munir shares stories from recent Asia tour via 'The Soundtrack Of Sentiments'

House music maestro Munir aka Midnight Runners has successfully ticked off “Asia Tour” from his to-do list for 2023. While on the road, he completed an album which has just been released through the China-based label, 1asia.

Titled ‘The Soundtrack Of Sentiments’, the release is a sonic recollection of what he mentions as “normal random” stories that happened during the Bandung-based producer’s recent Asia tour. He encapsulates them through the sounds of modern funk, hip hop, ambient, disco and beyond, blending all his moods and emotions into one.

Munir mentions how he also invites collaborators from across a wide spectrum of genres in contributing to the compelling sound of the release.

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Munir has thoughtfully included a mini diary entry as a descriptive element for his EP, highlighting the memorable moments and “normal random” encounters during his trip that started in Bali and ended in Seoul before heading back home.

He mentions the venues and bars he visited alongside the friends he met such as Mogwaa, Uman, Jesse You, Park Daham, Soulscape and the crew of Modeci Club…plus an unexpected issue at immigration which, fortunately, got handled swiftly.

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Alongside his unwavering commitment to the dance floor in Asia, Munir has solidified his presence in the pan-Asian music circuit through numerous international releases spanning over a decade. Notable labels that have showcased his talent include the likes of Omega Supreme Records, Groove College and Hobo Camp.

‘The Soundtrack Of Sentiments’ was released on September 9, listen to the full album here.

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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