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Sarayu’s ‘Intelligent Jump Rope Music’ is a dynamic & driven celebration of techno

Released via Boiled Wonderland Records, the four-tracker comes with an uplifting remix by Belgium’s Locked Groove

  • Waiying Ho
  • 28 February 2023
Sarayu’s ‘Intelligent Jump Rope Music’ is a dynamic & driven celebration of techno

Released on February 16 via Boiled Wonderland Records, ‘Intelligent Jump Rope Music’ is a highly-crafted and focused release from More Rice Records co-founder, Sarayu.

Within the EP are four tracks that are a celebration of techno, exhibiting all there is to fancy about the genre. Accompanied by an exquisite selection of darker resounding club-ready tracks that ooze dynamism, the release also comes with an uplifting remix from esteemed European producer, Locked Groove.

Channeling his love for creating dancefloor-oriented club music and taking inspiration from the UK and Europe’s bass-derived sonic tendencies, ‘Intelligent Jump Rope Music’ sees Sarayu elegantly shift styles while staying true to his uniquely natural element.

The release also comes in a limited edition vinyl format for lovers of licorice pizza.

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‘The Bag’ comes in as the ultimate welcoming track teeming with warm synths and driving hats. Following is ‘E30 Track’ and its beat-heavy drums that guide you along its bass-filled aura, accompanied by sizzling synths.

The original mix of ‘Intelligent Jump Rope Music’ sees Sarayu drop the tempo to 120 bpm while acid tinged synths and dynamic snares continue to enliven the five-minute composition. As for Locked Groove’s rework, the tempo gets driven back to 136 bpm for a finish fitting for the clubs with its addicting groove and emotional synths undulating throughout.

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Taking inspiration from Haruki Murakami’s tale of underground electronic consciousness, Bangkok’s Boiled Wonderland Records aims to continuously present an array of artists on the edge of electronic music boundaries. That said, it’s no wonder Sarayu is on their roster.

Listen to Sarayu ‘Intelligent Jump Rope Music’ in its entirety here.

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