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Neoncity Pop takes off with ‘Million Miles Away’

Milk Talk & Vantage's charismatic, travel-themed single launches Neoncity Records' new sub-label

  • Mengzy
  • 30 August 2023
Neoncity Pop takes off with ‘Million Miles Away’

If you know Neoncity Records, you know it runs a tight ship. From its prolific stream of physical and digital releases to its quality merch (seriously, the jackets are next level), it’s no wonder the Hong Kong-based label is revered by a deceptively small niche audience of nostalgia genre aficionados from around the world.

That’s why, on August 10, when Neoncity launched its new sub-label, Neoncity Pop, by dropping the travel-themed ‘Million Miles Away’ with an aesthetic retro music video, things looked and sounded first class, if you will.

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A collaboration between Milk Talk and Vantage (both Japan-based acts), ‘Million Miles Away’ is a nostalgic love song built on air travel metaphors. The music video is a delight, cutting between vocalist Q.i running across the urban night to reunite with a lover, and the artists donning air hostess and pilot uniforms in a studio set-up. At the end, the two scenarios surrealistically collide in a cathartic and smile-inducing conclusion.

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Speaking to Mixmag Asia, label head Daviouxx elaborated on the sub-label’s genesis: “The whole concept behind the sub-label is about putting out new music that gives you those bittersweet nostalgia goosebumps, while also allowing the character of the artists to shine through. To realise that vision, our standards for songwriting, sound design, and even aesthetics are pretty strict, almost to a fault - but it's necessary in order to stay true to the vision and make the vibes a reality.”

‘Million Miles Away’ also features a future funk remix from Desired that bumps up the BPM for a dancefloor-friendly version of the song.

Pre-order ‘Million Miles Away’ on vinyl here or buy the digital release here.

Mengzy is Mixmag Asia’s Music Culture Columnist, follow her on Instagram.

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