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LP Giobbi-led ‘FEMME HOUSE Vol. 2’ continues to celebrate women in dance music

"Only 2% of producers are female”

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 5 March 2024
LP Giobbi-led ‘FEMME HOUSE Vol. 2’ continues to celebrate women in dance music

As we enter Women’s History Month and with International Women’s Day coming up this Friday, LP Giobbi and her non-profit label FEMME HOUSE release their second rendition of the Femme House Compilation.

The compilation comes two years after the first one in 2022 which was also released during Women’s History Month.

This 14-track release comes paired with a second collaboration with Insomniac Records. The second release features an all-exclusive female and female-identifying artists such as LP Giobbi, mini bear, Mary Droppinz, Baby Weight, Lisbona Sisters and many more.

"I am honoured to celebrate Women's History Month with the release of Volume 2 of the FEMME HOUSE Compilation on Insomniac. Only 2% of producers are female, and this compilation highlights some of my favourite female and gender-expansive producers/artists that are changing the game right now,” LP Giobbi explains.

LP Giobbi aka Leah Chisholm created FEMME HOUSE back in 2019 with co-founder ‘Hermixalot’ aka Lauren Spaulding to create a more egalitarian system in the music industry through empowering and elevating the voices of women, femme, gender expansive and non-conforming individuals, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC creators.

Since launching, FEMME HOUSE has offered free courses and workshops on music production, and studio techniques which helped over 10,000 creators and raised over USD900,000 for marginalised communities.

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Through this initiative, FEMME HOUSE has pushed its mission forward through collaborations with notable organisations such as Abelton, Spotify, SXSW, Moog, Roland and many more. They also run a weekly radio show #FemmeHouseRadio on Sirius XM and has featured a few Asian artists such as Qrion (episode 54), RayRay (episode 89), Fei-Fei (episode 99), SOHMI (episode 107) and more.

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LP Giobbi emerged in the dance music scene shortly before FEMME HOUSE was created — just a year before, in 2018. Since then, she has amassed over 150 million streams, played big-name festivals such as Coachella, EDC, Creamfields, Lollapalooza and has toured all over the globe.

With many labels under her belt such as a producer, DJ, pianist, and activist, she has also landed herself on Spotify’s ‘Best of Electronic Music 2022’ as FEMME HOUSE also continues to gain popularity.

To listen to the compilation, click here.

Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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