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Femme-led radio station announces first compilation ‘Bodies’

Set for release on International Women's Day, the compilation will feature tracks from LUXE, Ariel Zetina, Karen Nyame KG and Ikonika

  • Becky Buckle
  • 8 February 2024
Femme-led radio station announces first compilation ‘Bodies’ has revealed its debut compilation ‘Bodies’ with two featuring singles out now.

The new compilation from the femme-led radio station and label will feature the likes of LUXE, DJ Lycox, Leo Gosh, Klurax and more.

Two tracks from 'Bodies' have already been released: Karen Nyame KG and Ikonika’s ‘All On Me’ and Ariel Zetina’s ‘Shade Rattle’.

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The London-based broadcaster says it has titled compilation ‘Bodies’ to symbolise the growing and “ever-changing shape of the music industry, and to embody everybody”.

foundation fm explains: “We endeavour to continue this mission and showcase our position in club culture by creating a project that brings together the artists and producers whom we have been watching and admiring.”

The compilation has been split into two sides - or as foundation fm named them, “two worlds” - with side a ‘Club Sounds’ covering the themes of “extreme, fun and harder” whilst side b ‘Alternative Sounds’ includes “softer, experimental and downtime” pieces.

With artwork designed by visual artist Elise Rose, the album’s release will strategically run on International Women’s Day, March 8.

foundation fm launched in 2018 aiming to support and educate a community of women, queer and non-binary artists from DJs to designers.

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Side A - Club Sounds
1. Karen Nyame KG & Ikonika - 'All On Me'
2. DJ Lycox - 'Dia'
3. PESH - 'Poison And The Cure'
4. Club Eat - 'Raining'
5. Ariel Zetina - 'Shade Rattle'
6. LUXE - 'Space Shift'

Side B - Alternative Sounds
7. Leo Gosh - 'I Guess, I’m Living'
8. Ouri - 'Self Control' feat. SuCCi
9. Klurax - 'Pretend'
10. Tamanaramen - 'River Dream'
11. Yangze - 'Nine High'
12. HALINA - 'Like Liquid'

Listen to both Karen Nyame KG and Ikonika’s ‘All On Me’ and Ariel Zetina’s ‘Shade Rattle’ below. Pre-order 'Bodies' here.

Becky Buckle is Mixmag's Multimedia Editor, follow her on Twitter

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