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‘Kein Morgen’ encapsulates 90s rave culture in over 15,000 images

Werner Amann presents an unseen collection of timeless moments, packaged in sequential order of a night out

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 3 February 2023
‘Kein Morgen’ encapsulates 90s rave culture in over 15,000 images

Berlin-based photographer, Werner Amann, has unarchived snapshots of the techno scene of the early 90s in a new photobook titled ‘Kein Morgen’ — an unseen collection of over 15,000 photos that pays homage to club culture, parties and raves that stewed across Europe back in the day.

‘Kein Morgen’ in German is translated to ‘No Tomorrow’ which seems to be what Werner Amann wants to showcase through his photos — to be in the moment.

Amann was part of the scene in the first half of the 90s and as a photographer, he captured the essence of how it was when he was at clubs, day parties, street parades, raves and afterparties.

The array of images encompasses their own elements due to the nature of the events, however, they do have a common thread — showcasing the enjoyment of dance music and their surroundings in specific moments.

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The book is packaged in sequential order of a usual night out, with images starting off during the day, then leading towards dusk at a club or party and ending at an afterparty at daybreak.

Nestled between the collection of images are 12 inserts of texts provided by German author, Leif Randt.

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Constructed over the past few months, ‘Kein Morgen’ includes photographs from Amann’s journey through cities where club culture was fast-brewing; Berlin, New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Zurich and Riccione. Some of these images also showcase moments from renowned clubs around Europe such as Tresor, Omen, E-Werk, Tunnel, Limelight and Sound Factory, not forgetting to include the significant Berlin Love Parade and May Day in Berlin.

For those wanting an autographed version of 'Kein Morgen' for €36, click here.

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