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HAAi, Simo Cell and more global names decorate FINAL Taipei's April line-up

We speak to new music director XIИ who aims to further diversify the programming & elevate Taiwan's prominence in the music scene

  • Henry Cooper
  • 3 April 2024
HAAi, Simo Cell and more global names decorate FINAL Taipei's April line-up

One of Taipei’s most beloved clubs FINAL marks a new chapter for the space with a new music director, starting off with a slew of impressive international artists.

Throughout April, FINAL has curated a diverse line-up featuring artists spanning various styles, sizes, and flavours. Among them are global names such as ZULI, upsammy, and Simo Cell.

Previously, FINAL, along with local event organisers PURE G, created the avant-garde eel Festival hosting Ben UFO, Tzusing, Meuko! Meuko! and more.

A stand-out event in the series would be the groundbreaking HAAi, who was chosen to feature in Mixmag’s first-ever digital cover. She’ll be supported by Taiwan’s Sulk.

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Another one to look out for is the pop-up from Cakeshop Seoul, an iconic club that’s been vital in the Korean underground, and whose eighth-anniversary compilation was named one of Mixmag’s top albums of 2021.

When asked about the future of FINAL, the venue's new music director XIИ mentions: “FINAL has been dedicated to promoting forward-thinking electronic music and cutting-edge aesthetics. Over the past five years, it has already established a unique aesthetic.”

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They continue, “Moving forward, in addition to maintaining our original music direction, I aim to diversify it even further and also include some big names. I hope FINAL can put Taiwan more prominently on the map and attract more people who appreciate different genres of music to discover and experience this venue.”

Key dates and details for FINAL's April line-up below, with more announcements to come.

- April 5: Cakeshop Seoul Pop-Up
- April 6: ZULI + Secret Guest
- April 12: HAAi
- April 20: PURE G presents upsammy
- April 27: BFDM 10 presents Simo Cell + Judaah

For those not in Taipei, check PURE G’s mix series on Soundcloud, with mixes from Call Super, Helena Hauff, Toma Kami, ¥ØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U and many more making an appearance.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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