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Demi Riquísimo teams up with Manami for 'Sugar Snap' EP

The record is available via Riquísimo's imprint A Lifetime On The Hips

  • 20 February 2024
Demi Riquísimo teams up with Manami for 'Sugar Snap' EP

Demi Riquísimo has linked up with Manami to release their latest EP, 'Sugar Snap', available via Riquísimo's A Lifetime On The Hips sub label.

Opener, namesake 'Sugar Snap', blends shimmering melodies with ambient textures, channelled into a dancefloor-focused track. Meanwhile, 'Interstellar' continues the cosmic-like form with dreamlike, bouncing soundscapes that transcend expected house music attributes.

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“This EP has been a labour of love,” the pair tell Mixmag. “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on it together. We’ve played it out all over the world so we’re happy it’s finally out there for everyone."

The duo have also reigned in two in-demand names on remix duties. Baldo kicks off with a remix of 'Sugar Snap' by incorporating breakbeat elements into the original, whilst Matisa takes on 'Interstellar' by throwing lively driving organs and a more playful sense into the mix.

“Baldo is a DJ I’ve been following for a while," Riquísimo adds. "His 'Groove Radiance' EP and killer hit 'Ride The Night’ have constantly been on repeat in my sets so it made total sense for me to ask him to contribute the EP. And Matisa is also such a talent. Her 'Peace Building' EP on Moxie's On Loop was super strong. We did a b2b recently on Rinse FM which was so fun. Amazing selector and I’m super happy to have her be part of the label."

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'Sugar Snap' EP by Demi Riquísimo and Manami is available now via A Lifetime On The Hips, check it out here.

Niamh Ingram is Mixmag's Weekend Editor, follow her on Instagram

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