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Cinthie to make her live debut in London next month

Part of a night curated by Warmer People, Marina Trench, Closet Yi and Marlie will also be on the billing

  • 18 September 2023
Cinthie to make her live debut in London next month

Cinthie is to perform her UK live set debut next month at London's Village Underground.

The party, curated by Warmer People, is set to take place on October 13 with France's Marina Trench, South Korea's Closet Yi, and the UK's Marlie.

By making her live set debut with Warmer People, the event dubs the party a "significant milestone", which showcases its "dedication to bringing new and groundbreaking musical experiences to their audience".

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Warmer People as a party has continually claimed its commitment to championing diversity, safety, and empowering people within electronic music since its launch only a year and a half ago, already booking names including Anetha, Patrick Mason, u.r.trax, Vanille and more.

Each party features in-house MC Giacomo XL, with the intention of forming an immersive bond between the artists performing and the crowd. Added to this, the party implements its campaign Safe & Sound, in which all guests receive a premium earplug kit upon entering the venue.

"From our early days at The Glove That Fits to working with the biggest house & techno artists of our era, I think I've impressed myself!" notes Warmer People founder Thom Grant. "However, with an entrepreneurial background, we're constantly working on the next milestones and targets.

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"After living abroad in Berlin and Asia, this lineup means a lot to me and I hope it will resonate within other people too. With such a diversity of talents from Seoul to Berlin, this lineup should hopefully be a symbol of unity in a time of global political division."

You can find out more about Warmer People in the short video below:

You can get tickets to see Cinthie at Village Underground now, do so via their Instagram here.

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Niamh Ingram is Mixmag's Weekend Editor, follow her on Twitter

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