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The Chemical Brothers: “Touring the US is just not really viable at the moment”

The duo have expressed their concerns over rising costs and touring

  • Gemma Ross
  • 16 September 2023
The Chemical Brothers: “Touring the US is just not really viable at the moment”

The Chemical Brothers have opened up in a recent interview with Billboard about their concerns around touring and rising costs.

The duo explained that touring the US is “not viable” at the moment due to an inflation of costs, and have ceased to schedule any North American dates despite the recent release of their new album, ‘For That Beautiful Feeling’.

Speaking to Billboard, The Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons said: “The costs have gone up so much. It’s just not really viable at the moment…”

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He added: “I’m apologetic to the people who do want to see us that it is increasingly difficult for us to get to America because we have had the times of our lives playing there.”

The pair spoke on the state of touring post-pandemic, and how they’re planning to lower costs of their live production to make touring the US more affordable - something that sparked debate over a Zoom call, Simons explained.

“[The production] originally came from the fact that we didn’t want to inflict [audiences with] just the two of us awkwardly standing with the synthesisers,” Simons said.

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“So we wanted a big back job, but it’s just grown and grown, and now we’ve got these 40-foot clowns voicing the words.”

In September 2022, the UK’s Music Managers Forum (MMF) warned that touring artists could be priced out when gigging abroad as a result of inflation, COVID, and Brexit, each making for a “perfect storm”.

The US government also announced plans in January to dramatically increase the cost of touring visas by 250%, which was halted earlier in July for fear of the negative effect it would have on touring in the US

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