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Azzecca’s Dirty Disco sets champion a flurry of infectious sounds by female producers

The Chicago-based artist celebrates empowerment & equality from the screens to the dancefloors

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 27 June 2023

Fiery Chicago talent Azzecca (real name Allie DeCastris) has been garnering an equally fierce following thanks to releases on accomplished labels such as REALM, Another Rhythm and Diplo’s Higher Ground.

With nods from industry heavyweights such as Pete Tong, performances at notable festivals like EDC Vegas, Hard Summer and Space Needle plus previous gigs at Printworks and Fabric to name a few, we’ve got our fingers crossed for Azzecca’s imminent arrival on Asian shores.

Driven by a fervent passion for the darker shades of dance and disco, she recently released her two-track EP ‘Encounter’ via Adam Ten’s Tel Aviv-based Maccabi House. Take your pick between a fun, cheeky track loaded with buzzing synths that mean business in ‘Aerial Phenomenon’ or mysterious, high ‘voicey’ riffs and euphoric synth arps our brain chemistry loves so much in ‘Ascent’…or better yet, indulge in both; two is better than one.

In addition to bestowing our ears with her addictingly genre-bending productions, Azzecca is also known for her infamous Dirty Disco events which started during the dark days of the pandemic and have now continued to shine a light on the scene’s movers and shakers.

Launched via Twitch before manifesting itself on Chicago dancefloors, Dirty Disco stemmed from Azzecca feeling like there were hardly any female-friendly spaces in the clubbing landscape; 'I realised there was not only a lack of female representation in the industry, but that the club scene had become a somewhat uncomfortable space for women’ she says.

Taking matters into her own hands, she created a safe space for women to leave their inhibitions at the door — where they can “dress up and feel sexy without worrying about unwelcome attention.”

Being all about inclusivity, Dirty Disco’s line-up has featured many of the world’s trailblazing artists such as Öona Dahl, Carlita, Red Axes, Audiojack, Gerd Jansen, Yulia Niko and DJ Seinfeld. However, this list exclusively for Mixmag Asia sees Azzecca return to the roots of the event by spotlighting female producers she’s been championing in her Dirty Disco sets.

Scroll below for the full ten tracks and listen to what Azzecca's Dirty Disco is all about.

Elkka 'I Just Want to Love You'

I'm such a massive fan of Elkka as a songwriter and producer. She's so talented and this track perfectly encapsulates my favorite feeling in music — hopeful sadness.

Logic1000 'What You Like'

I could happily listen to this track every single day. It has this old-school deep house/fidget house feel about it and it's just extremely cool.

Chloé Robinson 'Steamin [Pretty Weird]'

I'm obsessed with Chloé's style. Her DJ sets are so energetic and I feel like this track captures that vibe really well. I first heard this at a festival last summer and it blew my head off.

Azzecca 'I've Been Waiting (Ida Engberg Remix)'

I was blown away by Ida's remix of my freshman single 'I've Been Waiting' — she took an extremely well-known sample and flipped it into the perfect 4 am warehouse techno track. The funny story about this is Ida had never heard the original sample by Cassie when she was working on the remix. She actually messaged me months after her remix was released to tell me that she was at an airport and saw the 'Me & U' music video playing on a TV in the lounge and that was the first time she had ever heard the track!

Öona Dahl 'Godtripper'

Öona has an undeniable vibe and I love that about her as an artist. This track is sexy and trippy and perfect.

Chloé Caillet 'Know Now feat. Pote'

I think Chloé is one of the most exciting acts in the scene right now. I've seen a couple of her DJ sets and she has a really cool refreshing vibe. I'm also a massive fan of Pote as a vocalist so I really love this one.

Terr 'Only for Tonight'

I love techno and disco and Terr is one of the sickest producers combining the two. This track is fun and spicy.

Dj Minx 'The Throne'

DJ Minx is such a legend and this track is incredible. Stompy Detroit techno with raw vocals. I love it!

HAAi 'Baby We're Ascending'

I'm unapologetically obsessed with HAAi! Her energy in her DJ sets is infectious and I'll never forget the first time I heard this track live at Glastonbury. 10/10.

Paula Tape 'Octava Dimension'

Paula Tape is making some really cool and unique music. It's like Balearic meets old-school rave in the best way possible.

Azzecca ‘Encounter’ EP is out now on Maccabi House; listen to it here.

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