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Bangkok collective UNSTๆ are calling all space cadets on new compilation

Featuring artists from Thailand & beyond with ties that bind

  • Winston West
  • 27 January 2022
Bangkok collective UNSTๆ are calling all space cadets on new compilation

It's been a long time coming, but Bangkok collective UNSTๆ are finally set to release their debut compilation in 2022. While the team has released little to date via their own brand, members like DOTT have been pumping out the productions at an insanely rapid rate — so it's fitting that the group will now have a release to call their own.

UNSTๆ first popped into the conversation when they dropped the timely tune 'It's called social distancing' featuring vocals from their dear friend Donna High. The track was a cheek in-tongue musical number featuring a variety of vocal snippets discussing social distancing. If you were lucky to grab a free download you are one of the few but you can still stream the track through the collective's Bandcamp page here. This tune was released in March 2020, so it's definitely left us and others yearning for more from the team.

We're excited to report that fans of UNSTๆ won't need to wait much longer as their forthcoming compilation UNSTๆ Space Cadets Vol. 1 is on the way in early March. Leading up to its release, two tracks will be made available for preview on a weekly basis.

Geographically, the compilation features a collection of artist contributions from Bangkok and other locations dotted in different corners around the globe. The artist listing is a gathering of sorts, highlighting friends and family with personal connections to the UNSTๆ team. Productions highlight music from Liem, Luas, Koish Pati Mala, Edo, Takky, Elaheh, Sarayu, Michael Yume, Tristan Kino, V.Alarik, Kuroten and DOTT. Everyone on the EP is either part of UNSTๆ or shares close ties with the family.

Sonically the compilation covers a wide range of spectrums culminating in equal parts minimal, electro, breakbeat and all the fabrics that intertwine them. There are subtle micro house elements from Chiang Mai, playful electro-tinged tech house from Mainz, bright breaks from the beaches of Brighton and funky UK synth-bass beats from Senegal. We don't want to give too much away just yet so we'll stop right there. Be sure to check out the previews as they are released and pick up your copy this March.

UNSTๆ Space Cadets Vol. 1 will be available for purchase through the UNSTๆ Bandcamp page on Friday March 3 2022. You can preview the release starting next week here.

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