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A 19-track album started by quarantined artists donates all profits to people grappling COVID-19

​'Home Fitness / 家庭保健' includes a mix of Chinese and non-Chinese artists

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 9 March 2020
A 19-track album started by quarantined artists donates all profits to people grappling COVID-19

As the world continues to grapple in the face of COVID-19 and the festival industry is in perils as far as the US, some artists are finding creative ways to share their music like live streaming. Others are making music and selling it in a bid to provide for the medical professionals at the centre of the COVID-19 outbreak — in Wuhan, China. Since many residents have been stuck inside and turning to indoor exercise to stay fit, DCYY/到此一游 announced that it would be putting out a 19-track album called 'Home Fitness' that will help ease the suffering of Wuhan.

The compilation, which comes out today, is officially called 'Home Fitness / 家庭保健' and is availably digitally to stream and download. All proceeds will be donated to the Firefly Plan, which will provide medical staff, infected patients, isolated citizens and those hardest hit by the virus who are missing essential medical and living materials with clothing, diapers, sanitary pads and other essential items.

The idea behind the album comes from a group of artists who are sympathetic to those who have no choice but to be stuck at home.

“Stuck at home ourselves, we wondered how we could help. So we put together this fundraising compilation Home Fitness, which includes 19 tracks from 20 producers from both inside and outside of China. We hope to raise some money to help those fighting against the epidemic, while also bringing some of those trapped at home together with some new music to ease out some anxiety."

The compilation features Chinese and non-Chinese artists including Ciel, 养鸡, Mr. Ho, Felicita & Alex Wang, Helix and GOOOOOSE, an affiliate of SVBKVLT. See the full tracklist below:


01. Aled - Unclaimed
02. B.AI - 光
03. Ciel - Hope Breaks
04. CTAFAD - Sculpture
05. Dubrunner - Cut the Midrange
06. Felicita & Alex Wang - Cytokine Storm
07. GOOOOOSE - Elliptical Trainer
08. Helix - Starshine
09. Kaize - Hiding
10. Knopha - 8277-7172
11. Liquid B - The Way You Love Me
12. Luxixi - Invader
13. Mr.Ho - Next Phase
14. Negative808 - Maskimo
15. Nephew - Gone
16. Numbertheory - Belphegor's Prime
17. Yang Bing - Movie Star
18. Yikii - Innocence
19. 养鸡 - たまご 愛してる

Listen to tracks from the album below:

Listen to a premiere on Mixmag of Knopha's '8277 - 7172' below:

Home Fitness / 家庭保健 is out on March 9 via DCYY/到此一游 and you can buy the album on Bandcamp here.