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Yeti Out spoil us again with a double drop of music & merch

‘Speed Heals’ by Closet Yi is out now via Silk Road Sounds

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 25 August 2021

Yeti Out’s left-field music imprint Silk Road Sounds has just released an EP by South Korean house and techno producer Closet Yi.

‘Speed Heals’ is a four-track work that embarks the listener on a journey through late-night exploration. It begins with the lead track ‘Pikes Pique (Hill Climbing)’, which we premiered back in May, an adrenaline-filled number that’s comparable to a stroll through downtown Seoul or Hong Kong. A formative kick and snare rhythm take us back to the club in ‘Veilside’ and then onwards to the afterparty with thanks to the nostalgic injection of the Roland TB-303 in ‘Pikes Pique (Down Hill)’. Finally, the EP arrives at ‘Riverside Pawn Shop’ on the B-side, which Closet Yi describes as: “If our lives are our own biopic, then the Pawn Shop is a fixture for transient relationships.”

Closet Yi previously described the EP to us as “a story about mobility. It is about the countless journeys that we spent in cars, which is one of the few escapes that freed us from the lockdown last year. Driving became my most precious activity since last year, and I wanted to capture the feeling of breeze and speed through this four-track EP. Going up the east side mountains, winding down back, speeding 120km/h across Han river, and passing through foggy countryside roads before the summer sunrise, are the pictures I intend to record.”

“Driving the interest of listeners instantly was my mission of this EP, to make people who don’t know about me wanna push and play, so the visual performances had to follow up the overall concept of the EP. That is one of the most important reasons why I teamed up with Yeti, in the trust that they will fully understand the taste and feeling that I’m desiring. We had a bond right away, and the whole plan was finished within a couple of calls.”

In classic Yeti Out form, alongside the EP comes a capsule collection with T-shirts, longsleeves, an air fresher for your car (or wherever), a sticker pack and of course the EP itself on vinyl. Shop it here and check out the product shots below and lookbook above with photography by Kelly Hebestreit.

‘Speed Heal’ by Closet Yi is out now on Silk Roads on all streaming platforms (with a bonus track on Bandcamp). The EP is distributed via LA-based underground imprint Alpha Pup and is avail at select record stores like Phonica Records in London.

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