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Watch Aphex Twin's live performance at Field Day 2023

The stream is hosted by NTS with 360-degree video and spatial audio

  • WORDS: Charles Budd | IMAGE: Danny North
  • 28 August 2023
Watch Aphex Twin's live performance at Field Day 2023

Aphex Twin made a return to the stage this past weekend at London's Field Day festival, captivating fans with his enigmatic presence.

Taking the headlining slot at Victoria Park on August 19, Aphex Twin's performance served as a triumphant reminder of his enduring influence on the electronic music landscape.

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Popular alternative streaming platform NTS Radio Aphex Twin to livestream his set, allowing fans from around the world to witness his sonic wizardry. The livestream, featuring immersive 360-degree video and spatial audio, provided a unique virtual experience that transported viewers into the heart of the performance.

Aphex Twin's resurgence in recent years has been met with anticipation and excitement. His recent release, the ‘Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760’ EP, was launched with an app called ‘YXBoZXh0d2lu’, which allowed users to enjoy an immersive and 3D experience that fuses artwork with AFX videos and music.

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NTS announced the livestream on social media; it premiered yesterday on their YouTube channel. Watch Aphex Twin's set at Field Day 2023 below.

[Image via Danny North]

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