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Singapore's A Phat Cat Collective is offering paid streams curated by the city's top selectors

Quality music by quality DJs is worth paying for

  • Zita Chan
  • 4 September 2020
Singapore's A Phat Cat Collective is offering paid streams curated by the city's top selectors

Survival has to be the most crucial word of 2020, for obvious reasons that you don’t need repeated back to you. And how people and businesses have taken on the struggle to survive lands us with positivity-fuelled business ideas like that from Singapore’s A Phat Cat Collective.

The Singaporean entertainment group founded by Francesca Aurora Way, a stalwart of the local hospitality industry, alongside Joshua Pillai and Yafith A. Hamid, just announced a new music subscription that has something for everyone, and that everyone can choose from. Instead of a single mix of specific style being delivered to your playlist once a week, the team have come up with crafty and tasteful channels for their stream-based subscription that uses the relatively new Mixcloud Select service that allows labels and artists to monetise their music through loyal listenership.

Here’s what they’ve got in store for you — NINETEEN80 is everything from the ‘80s to ‘00s, SuperDuperFly is nothing but hip hop and r’n’b and the third channel RAILS is for the disco and house heads. The curators behind the channels are Singapore's top DJs, all of whom we’d put our deposits down for the moment travel bans are lifted, and they include Joshua P, Brendon P, YA5TH, Ollie’Des and Bobos the DJ. SuperDuperFly already exists as a night at one of their venues Pinball Wizard, and NINETEEN80 is their award winning venue concept. The third channel, RAILS, is a preview of their next steampunk-themed flagship that focuses on electronic music. A key player in Singapore’s nightlife scene, A Phat Cat Collective takes forward thinking ideas and pairs them with retro-seeking beliefs and aesthetics.

So while their stunning venues are being rented out for shoots because of the burden of an ongoing lockdown, someone’s gotta keep the records playing, and loyal patrons still want to enjoy the thrills of what a Friday night of good tunes can bring.

For just $2.99, you can enjoy the meticulously curated streams by A Phat Cat Collective, and you can subscribe here.
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