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Ricardo Villalobos’ debut album ‘Alcachofa’ set to be reissued

20 years since its release, the record will be reissued alongside three additional tracks

  • 7 October 2023
Ricardo Villalobos’ debut album ‘Alcachofa’ set to be reissued

After 20 years, Ricardo Villalobos’ debut album ‘Alcachofa’ is set to be reissued.

Out later this month, the re-release will span of four vinyl instead of its original three, as it will now include three additional tracks.

The new tracks that aren’t featured on the original 2003 vinyl are ‘Bach To Back’, ‘Y.G.H.’ and Waiworinao’, however, two of these were on the CD version.

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Reissued via Perlon, ‘Alcachofa’ was first released by Playhouse and includes some of Villalobos classics such as, ‘Dexter’, ‘Easy Lee’ and more.

In a Mixmag collection of the 50 most influential dance music albums 'Alcachofa' was named a "subtle brilliance of minimal electronic music."

In 2011, Playhouse reissued the album and in 2015 Villalobos reissued ‘Easy Lee’ and ‘Dexter’ on his Sei Es Drum label.

Earlier this year, Villalobos released a two-track remix pack of Ela Minus and DJ Python’s 2022-released EP ‘♡’ (or ‘corazón’).

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The remix pack sits at a lengthy 53 minutes with two extended reworks of ‘Kiss U’ and a 40-minute rework of ‘Abril Lluvias Mil’.

The re-release of Villalobos’ ‘Alcachofa’ is out via Perlon on October 27.


A Easy Lee
B Theogenese
C1 Bahaha Hahi
C2 La Raja
D I Try To Live (I Can Live)
E1 Quizás
E2 Fusion The Enemies
F Dexter
G Bach To Back
H1 Y.G.H.
H2 Waiworinao

Listen to Alcachofa below.

[Via: Resident Advisor]

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