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Precious Bloom infuse nostalgic disco & experimental mysticism into 'Flashlight' EP

Captivating vocals and creative production shine on on the release via Rush Hour's Store Jams label

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 2 July 2024
Precious Bloom infuse nostalgic disco & experimental mysticism into 'Flashlight' EP

Indonesian duo Precious Bloom has made waves with their latest release 'Flashlight' on Rush Hour’s Store Jams imprint.

Formed in Jakarta in 2022, Aradea Barandana and Adinda Dwimadasari blend diverse influences to craft a sound that's both nostalgic and distinctly their own

Aradea Barandana, known globally as a record digger and exploratory dance music producer, has recorded under the name Dea and as part of the group Zatua. His other works, distributed by labels like Peggy Gou's Gudu Records, Second Circle, and Sound Metaphors, are renowned for their unique melodies and deep inspiration from obscure Asian film soundtracks.

Singer-songwriter Adinda Dwimadasari is passionate about reviving the golden era of 80s Indonesian city pop—her distinctive vocal melodies, harmonies, and evocative lyrics capture this nostalgic vibe. She's also an AMI Award winner for Best Dance Music, thanks to her collaboration with Diskoria on 'Bersinar Bersama', produced by her Precious Bloom partner.

Via their latest drop, the duo continue to carve out a unique space in the global music scene, earning them critical acclaim and a growing fanbase thanks to their cutting-edge production techniques and idiosyncratic vocals.

‘Flashlight’, the A-side track, draws inspiration from Euro disco while infusing a touch of Indonesian city pop. The track is steeped in a lush, nostalgic vibe that pays homage to the glitz and glamour of disco, enriched by the melodic sensibilities of city pop, a genre known for its smooth, jazzy undertones and catchy hooks.

Providing a steady groove that drives the track forward is a bassline reminiscent of 80s disco. Layered over this foundation are shimmering synths and pattering percussions that add depth and texture. The track's infectious vaporwave vocal bits, sung with an effortless charm, capture the essence of city pop that feels both retro and contemporary.

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On the B-side, ‘Mojo ventures into more experimental territory, exploring a “rhyme of witchery”. This track delves into darker, more mystical soundscapes, characterised by hypnotic beats and eerie, enchanting melodies. Haunting chant-like vocals set the stage for the rhythmic interplay of fun, percussive sounds and synthesised tones.

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The use of reverb and delay effects creates a sense of space and depth, drawing listeners into a sonic labyrinth where each sound echoes and reverberates. The intricate layering of sounds builds a complex, mesmerising tapestry over the track’s deep and resonant bassline.

Purchase 'Flashlight' by Precious Bloom in vinyl or digital format here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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